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Brunei Bay Radio Services

By webmaster last modified Feb 23, 2005 12:09 PM

Published: 2005-02-23 12:09:28
Topics: Communications
Countries: Australia , Brunei , BIOT (Chagos) , China , Christmas Island , Cocos Keeling , East Timor (Timor Leste) , Federated States of Micronesia , Guam , Hawaii , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Japan , Kiribati , Macau , Malaysia , Maldives , Marshall Islands , Mauritius , Northern Marianas , Palau (Belau) , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Seychelles , Singapore , South Korea , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Thailand , Vietnam

Based at the geographic centre of Asia, Brunei Bay Radio is operated by a yacht owner and Yachtmaster Instructor for the benefit of regional and international yachts. Brunei Bay Radio services are available to all yacht owners and crew, and do not require an Amateur Radio licence.

Brunei Bay Radio hosts the regional SailMail gateway providing low cost HF e-mail services in the NW Pacific, Asia, North and West coasts of Australia, and Indian Ocean. Based on trials with SailMail equipped cruising vessels, Brunei Bay Radio is now providing an expanded range of services for e-mail equipped yachts. These include:

  1. Buoyweather wind and wave predictions. E-mail equipped vessels can send a short message to the Buoyweather computer and receive an automated response with details of expected wind and wave conditions for the required position and period. This system has been trailed and refined through the participation of yachts in the Brunei Bay Radio service area over the last six months. As a result of feedback, the variety of prediction options has been increased and user documentation has been refined. The information is drawn from the massive NOAA database and predictions have proved extremely accurate. Yachts testing the system report that in many areas of the world, they are the best available option for precise information. The predictions have been used to choose passage departure dates, and to adjust the route while on passage.
  2. E-mailed weather forecasts. Many yachts have reported that weather information transmitted via HF e-mail is more reliably received than HF weather fax. Also, that it can be collected when propagation and on board demands permit, without the need to follow the weather fax service schedule. This has proved extremely convenient, especially for short handed cruising vessels. Brunei Bay Radio can forward the appropriate forecast to any e-mail equipped vessel, within or beyond Brunei Bay Radio's service area.
  3. Web based position reporting using the YotReps service. Vessels prepare a position report message using their SailMail software, or the YotReps reporter software. This is sent to the YotReps computer for display on the website where relatives and friends can keep track of the vessel's progress.

For details of these services see the website at