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Turkish government lifts most restrictions on foreign yachts

By webmaster last modified Aug 19, 2002 12:50 AM

Published: 2002-08-19 00:50:52
Topics: Cruising Information
Countries: Turkey

Yesterday, after 18 years, the legislation for yachting was changed in Turkey. At first glance the changes appear fundamental and positive. How all this will have an impact (or will it have any impact?) needs to be seen. Visiting sailors to Turkey are advised that laws and regulations can often be interpreted differently by local officials, so it may take some time before the new regulations are applied to the letter.

Here though are some highlights of the official government publication:

Article 5:

  • Transitlog valid one year and longer. This period can be extended when wintering in Turkey.
  • Change of the master of a yacht is no reason for the expiration of the Transitlog.
  • Wintering no longer a reason for expiration of TL.

Article 6:

  • Limitations for inspection of yachts in search of illicit goods.
  • Turkish nationals permitted to be employed temporarily and/or permanently on foreign-flagged yachts.
  • Reliefs for Turkish nationals owning foreign-flagged yachts. Article 6(f) states that once a yacht has "Turkish (part) owner(s)" a foreign domicile for the owners is no longer required. While clearly this article is aimed to relieve Turkish owners of foreign flagged yachts it also may create a precedence to relieve foreigners living in Turkey and sailing a yacht here.

Article 8:

  • Bonding based now on declaration by marina/boatyard. Article 8 deals with the wintering of yachts. It foresees that yachts may not only be left for wintering but also for "maintenance and repairs". It is required that the bonding (see below) institution is accredited by the Ministery of Tourism - be it a marina or a boatyard. Further, Article 8 states that the marina/ boatyard declares the bonding of the yacht and the inventory. Customs and Customs Patrol are only "informed" by the bonding institution. This is a fundamental change.

Article 9:

  • Relief for removal of obsolete inventory. Article 9 states that old spare parts may be reexported by the yacht's master (but not by a third party …it seems) or may be left to customs. If customs experiences technical difficulties in taking charge of the scraps then the "bonding institution" is now privileged to that pleasure. This may relieve some problems experienced so far.
  • Relief for yachtowners with own car in Turkey.

Article 11:

  • Relief for yachts on trailers. This seems to be a great and well deserved relief for boats entering the country by other means than on their own keel. For yachts entering the Customs Territory by other means than on their own keel the Transitlog will be issued at the first launching.

Article 12 states that this Declaration gains validity immediately after being published. That was on 6 November 2001.