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Maldives Anchorages

By webmaster last modified Aug 19, 2002 12:50 AM

Published: 2002-08-19 00:50:45
Countries: Maldives

A cruising permit was given for both North and South Male Atolls except where it is shown on the chart provided as prohibited. It is possible but difficult to obtain a "letter of no objection" for the other atolls for an additional charge of US$20. Anchoring is permitted basically in front of the resorts that are located on the islands in North and South Male atolls. The resorts vary in their acceptance of yachts anchoring. Some charged for snorkeling while others wanted you to use the restaurant on shore and the bar, others did not mind. I can recommend the Laguna Beach Resort in South Male as an excellent anchorage where the resort welcomes yachts and has 5 restarants with excellent food and a great buffet on the beach. It is pricey, as is all of Male, but worth it. The Anchorage at Laguna Beach is well sheltered and can accommodate 40 to 50 yachts with good holding in 5 to 6 meters but should only be approached in the day as the entrance is not marked and bommies (coral heads) need to be avoided. The water taxi to the Town of Male is US$20 one way and there is a regular service.

The lagoon to the north of the airport at Male has a channel dredged to a depth of approximately 6 meters but is not marked and only has a dim light. Entrance should only be done in the day. We were led in there at night by the agent and had a few problems. Once inside there is space for over one hundred yachts with good holding in 6 meters of water. The agent can come to you here and the various formalities can be taken care of in calm water. Fuel and water can be supplied and servicemen supplied by the agent can make repairs to engines, water makers and radios.

This is a Moslem country so the holy day of Friday is observed. Little work can be done on Fridays and it would be best not to arrive on this day. It is possible to be cleared after 1700 hours on a Friday but not before. Male Town offers good telephone and email facilities by the local telephone company. Provisioning is excellent but very expensive as everything is imported.

The reef are all dead due to the El Nino but the diving is good due to the clear water and abundant fish life.