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Chandlery in the Eastern Caribbean

By Val Ellis last modified Apr 16, 2012 10:57 AM

Published: 2012-04-16 10:57:42
Countries: British Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico , US Virgin Islands

There are several excellent places to source chandlery items in the Eastern Caribbean, but for big items (e.g. several AGM batteries) some planning in advance is recommended. All the chain stores identified below have comprehensive on-line catalogues, but if an item does not appear in the catalogue it is still worth a phone call or email.

West Marine has a very comprehensive range of items (see their catalogue) and with warning will freight (usually free of charge) to their shop in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. For those sailing in the Spanish Virgin Island, (themselves just a short hop from the USVis and BVIS) it is a pleasant day's outing to take the $5.00 return ferry from the island of Culebra to Fajardo, Puerto Rico. On arrival in Fajardo take a £2.00 transportacionpublica (local minibus) to West Marine. The store is adjacent to a number of other large chain stores (Walmart, Radio Shack, Macdonalds etc) so stocking up on all fronts is easy. If you phone the publica based at the Fajardo ferry dock (eg Mary and Angel on 787-649-9155) when you want to return, you will be picked up outside the store of your choice. If you don't have a mobile phone, the last store you spent money in will phone for you!

Jesus, the manager of West Marine in Fajardo, is a delightful person and enormously helpful to yachties. (email [email protected]) He used his own vehicle to take us back to the Culebra ferry dock with a 4 meter spinnaker pole tied on to the roof. That's good service!

Besides West Marine, the chains 'Budget Marine and Island Waterworld have a good range of common chandlery items in their main stores in Grenada and St Maarten; what you cannot find in one shop you will probably find in the competitors! Budget Marine and Island Waterworld will freight large items to their shops in Granada for minimum or no charge.

Happy shopping.

Robin and Suzie
SY True Blue 1