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Analysis of Attacks on Yachts in 2010

By Val Ellis last modified Jan 31, 2011 04:57 PM

Published: 2011-01-31 16:57:37
Topics: Piracy Reports 2010

I have studied the 2010 IMB report on piracy incidents thoughout the world and produced a precis of those comments, (given below) which are relevant for those making the passage to the Red Sea through the Indian Ocean.

Tom Sampson
s/v Katanne

2010 Report

International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Piracy report 2010 The IMB report, which is a tome of 103 pages, covers worldwide piracy attacks. The following are extracts that cover the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and Red Sea (IGOARS).

  1. There was only one attack on a yacht in the IGOARS in 2010

  2. 219 incidents were attributed to Somali pirates covering an area from the Southern Red Sea to 72° East. Incidents were reported off the coast of Oman/Arabian Sea in the north and Southwards to the Mozambique Channel to 22° S.

  3. 1181 seafarers were taken hostage 13 were injured and 8 were killed.

  4. There were 25 attacks in the South Red Sea and Bab el Mandeb.

  5. The final quarter of 2010 showed that the pirates are using more hijacked ocean going fishing vessels and merchant vessels. The pirates are no longer limited by capability and capacity and there is now no boundary to their areas of operation.

  6. Attacks in the Gulf of Aden have dropped by more than 50%. However, in other areas including the Red Sea, attacks have gone up substantially.

  7. Maritime advisory calls are made on Ch 16, 8 and 72 from warships in the area of the IRTC.

Incidents in 2011

As of the 28th January 2011 there have been 22 incidents in the area between the Northern Maldive Islands, Coast of Oman and the Red Sea. 5 of them have been successful. One was in the Southern Red Sea, one very close (7nms) from the port of Aden and 2 in the IRTC. The rest were scattered in an area 330nms to 500nms SE of Salalah and Muscat.