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Clearing Mainland Ecuador for Galapagos

By Val Ellis last modified Dec 17, 2011 10:21 PM

Published: 2011-12-17 22:21:04
Countries: Galapagos , Ecuador

Posted 17 December 2011

About the passage from Ecuador mainland (Puerto Lucia) to Galapagos and than to Marquesas:

  • Before leaving Panama I contacted, by e-mail, agent Bolivar Pesante, San Cristobal, Galapagos, and Proano, Puerto Lucia. So they knew about my plan.
  • Bolivar Pesante requested I send, by email as soon as possible (one month is ok) a copy of personal, crew and boat documents in order to have the Autografo to stay and to visit Galapagos.
  • When we arrived at Puerto Lucia the agent Proano asked Bolivar Pesante for a copy of my request for the Autografo, even better the request from Bolivar Pesante to Quito authority for my Autografo. He then organised our outward clearance.
  • So, with the Autografo or with the simple request of it, it is possible to have a national Zarpe to freely sail to the Galapagos.
  • At San Cristobal, Barquerizzo Moreno, we had very good support from the agent Bolivar Pesante. He prepared every document, we had always with us, also for his colleague, Julio Cesar Soto (a gentleman perfect English speaking), in Villamil. We remained 3 weeks (Barquerizzo Moreno and Villamil, Isabela) and we really were satisfied to have the Autografo. We avoided Santa Cruz, swell, crowded and too many tourist boats.
  • Clearing out of the Galapagos, J.C.Soto gave us the international Zarpe.

Warning: Villamil Port Authority are now less permissive. They want an agent. A sailor, I met later, was requested to pay a tax with the support of the agent. The day after he prefered to sail away westbound without visting Galapagos!

  • When we arrived at Hiva Oa, Marquesas, the French Authority didn't ask for our Zarpe.

Giovanni TESTA
sv Eutikia

Posted 10 September 2010

Correction to statement "The present regulations to not allow boats to clear from the mainland to the Galapagos"

We departed Puerto Lucia, La Libertad, Ecuador for the Galapagos Islands on April 3 2010. Agent Roque Proano Parraga gave us a national zarpe to clear the mainland and provided us contact information for agent Johnny Romero at Puerto Ayora. Mr. Romero checked us in and out of the islands.

Customs regulations have changed recently, at least at La Libertad. The aduana issues a 3 month permit which can be renewed for a further 3 month stay. Agent fees are paid twice.

Steven Dennis
SV Mungo

Noonsite Editor: It is important that we state the official rules, even though they are not always followed.