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Tonga’s Annual Regatta Vava’u for 2011

By Val Ellis last modified Aug 06, 2011 09:44 AM

Published: 2011-08-06 09:44:37
Topics: Rallies
Countries: Tonga

Vava’u plans to be the epicenter of Fun in the South Pacific as details of the 2011 annual Regatta Vava’u & Festival are unveiled.

Following on the heels of the wildly successful inaugural Regatta Vava’u, the annual Festival event week, now in its 3rd year, has been announced for September 7-13th, 2011 in Vava'u. Tonga.

A week full of fantastic events, Regatta Vava’u & Festival celebrates the spirit and traditions of the Tongan islands and highlights Vava’u as a prime destination for travelers by sea and by air. The waters of Vava’u have called to cruising yachties for years and are a perennial favorite for those on a sailing holiday through the South Pacific or as a stopover for those on their way to or from New Zealand. Vava’u’s reputation for sheltered anchorages, crystal clear water and secluded coral sand beaches puts its 47 islands located in the northern region of the Kingdom of Tonga at the top of most yachties’ "must see" lists.

"The idea for Regatta Vava’u grew out of a passion for sailing and a simple pride in the local culture. Hopefully, the week will culminate with a lifetime’s worth of memorable moments and smiles on the faces of those traveling through as well as those who call Vava’u home," explains one of the Regatta’s organizers.

This seven-day festival of sailing will feature three racing events, a food, craft and cultural fair and block-party, the best Full Moon Party in the South Pacific, engaging children’s activities, fun and silly tournaments, and opportunities to win prizes donated by a multitude of local and international businesses. Participants will have opportunity to participate in community improvement projects and will experience firsthand the wonders of the area’s ecological system and the warmth of the Tongan people.

Regatta goers will not be the only ones flocking to Vava’u’s tropical waters in September. Be prepared to share the waterways and harbors with humpback whales, which migrate to the islands to breed from June through November offering a rare and close-up opportunity to take in these majestic mammals. Vava’u’s reefs, teeming with vibrant fish, make for world-class snorkeling and the dramatic dives are a scuba diver’s dream. There is plenty of interest off the water as well with visitors encouraged to participate in Tongan cultural experiences and tours through rich tropical landscapes.

More information and FREE registration can be done via our website or by emailing us direct at [email protected]

Kjell O. Stave
Committee member