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The Latest Cruising Guide to Bermuda

By Val Ellis last modified Jun 01, 2010 07:50 PM

Published: 2010-06-01 19:50:49
Countries: Bermuda

Bermuda Discovered
(Cruising Guide to the Bermuda Islands)
By John Hoedemakers & Jolanda Geerdink

ISBN 978-90-811890-3-3

Published April 2010
Available to download as a pdf file from the website for just 15 Euros.
Also available in a softcover printed edition via the website.

Following the success of their Bahamas Cruising Guide, John and Jolanda have produced another well-researched cruising guide.

Its 52 pages contain a wealth of information. There are useful copies of navigation charts as well as simpler coloured chartlets. The coloured photographs included, are those which would aid your approach to a berth or anchorage.

The guide covers the whole of the main island, as well as the smaller outlying one. As keen divers, John and Jolanda have also included some recommended dive/snorkel sites. In addition to wind roses, they have included similar roses of the currents around the island. There are even a few recipes for the fish you are likely to catch! If you are unlucky, then the note they include on the nearest supermarket, will be useful. Other than boatyards, shore facilities are not generally covered.

This inexpensive guide will very much add to your enjoyment of cruising Bermuda