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New Fees for Colombia - Updated

By Val Ellis last modified Jun 18, 2009 04:55 PM

Published: 2009-06-18 16:55:54
Countries: Colombia

Information sent by Hans-Martin Fruergaard of S/Y "Sea Sprite"
Tuesday 9 June, 2009

Colombia has recently changed their charges for private vessel and foreign cruisers. Unfortunately these new charges make Colombia the most expensive country in the Caribbean for visiting vessels staying longer than 8 days.

The following charges seem to be practice since April 2009.

  1. Agency Fee for check in and out (if staying lesser than 60 days) US$70.
  2. Cruising Certificate (if staying longer than 8 days) US$75.
  3. Import certificate of vessel (if vessel stay longer than 60 days) US$30.

Additional charges
Agency and Immigration (DAS) fees will be charged for the monthly renewal of visa or entry permit after the first 2 Months.

Maximum stay for most nationalities is still limited to 6 Months.

Further Information sent by John Halley "SV Bowstring" (plus long time Dockmaster at Club Nautico marina, Cartagena, Colombian resident, British National)
Wednesday 17 June, 2009

(This is) a sweeping statement stating "these new charges make Colombia the most expensive country in the Caribbean for visiting vessels staying longer than 8 days". The only real difference is the new $75US change made by the local Port Captain's office (note that this may not be applicable to Barranquilla, Sta Marta, Rioacha, Buenaventura etc., all of which come under different jurisdictions imposing different charges).

The charges quoted are approximately correct. However, the Temporary importation charge can be avoided by not using an agent (The customs office 5 mins from club Nautico and can handle this process directly at no charge). Also cruisers do have a choice of agency, one of which includes temporary importation as part of its $75US agency fee.

There is controversy over the new $75US "Certificad de Permanencia" charge, which is charged when the certificate is issued 9-15 days from arrival. It is valid for 2 months from the issue date. The subsequent renewal of this certificate costs another $75US and is valid for an additional 6 months.

Some feel that this "certifcate" charge made by the local Port Captain for the first 2 months (+8-15 days) may not be sustainable and could soon be dropped (One Agency representative is fighting this legally). Nevertheless over the years both the local Port captain and the Coast Guard have done an excellent job in supporting cruisers; ensuring their security and assisting them in times of difficulty.

Cartagena remains a safe and economical destination for most cruisers; with competent workers available at very reasonable prices, with a cost of living well below many Carribean nations; to imply otherwise is absurd.

Immigration and other charges tend to be a moving target anywhere in the world. If noonsite visitors want to send me a note to offer any of my humble opinions I will be happy (if not swamped) to get back to them directly: [email protected].

E-mail received from Jurg Gilomen, "SV Kjaloha
Wednesday 17 June, 2009


I am just back from Cartagena, Colombia, where I have made my entry in to Colombia.

I payed on May 6th. 2009 in Colombian-peso more or less US$60 - for everything -(agent, customs, port capitain, etc.) My boat stays for a period of more than 6 month in Colombia and of behalf of my agent there are no other fees. so, may be there is a missunderstanding...

Noonsite has posted this report so cruisers are aware that fees are not consistent at the various ports of entry in Colombia. We are currently investigating the facts.