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Update Curacao, Spanish Waters

By Val Ellis last modified Dec 05, 2013 02:24 PM

Published: 2009-11-03 20:50:00
Countries: Curacao

Published 15 May 2009 - updates added November 2009

Spanish Water, Curacao, is one of the most protected anchorages in the Caribbean. Many first-time visitors find the following information helpful. If you have a question or need something not addressed here, don’t be afraid to speak up during the daily (except Sundays) Curacao Cruisers Net on VHF channel 72 at 07:45. Corrections and new information are welcome; please contact sailing vessels SOL or ISIS. Enjoy your stay on Curacao!

For those who are looking for Sarifundy; Unfortunately, Sarifundy no longer exist due to fire. The Alternative is:
On Tuesday and Thursday is a Cruisers Hour at SOV Asiento. It starts at 5.00 pm and usually goes on till about 8.00 pm. Asiento is the local sailing club and they welcome the sailors from Spanish Water in their clubhouse. Asiento is in the North of anchorage A and to be recognized by the blue stairs. They also offer several facilities which are listed below.
Opening times:
Workshop Tuesday- Friday 2.00-7.00 pm also for cruiser , in the weekend only for members.
Bar: Tuesday- Friday 4.00-11.00 pm, weekend 11.00 am – 11.00 pm

Curacao is a Dutch island, and part of the Netherlands Antilles. The local currency is the NAF (Netherlands Antilles Florin or guilder), but the U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere. The rate of exchange varies slightly between U.S. $1.00 to NAF 1.75 - 1.80. The local language is Papiamento, but most people speak Dutch, English, and/or Spanish.

Customs, Immigration and Harbor Inspection
Within 24 hours you need to check in at Customs and Harbor Immigration. Customs are at Punda at a corner, north of the floating bridge and west of the floating market. They will allow your boat to stay for 6 months. Harbor immigration is at Otra-Banda, over the floating bridge to the right, direct under the high bridge. They will allow you to stay for 90 days. After that you need a Visa extension. At the harbor inspection in the building next to harbor immigration you need to obtain an anchorage permit. They will ask you to mark where you are anchored. You should be in the permitted anchorages as shown on the welcome page of this WiFi station. Please obey these anchorages this to accommodate local sport activities and safety.

Customs Extension
If you need your boat to stay longer as 6 months, you need to apply for an extension at customs. A letter stating a valid reason is mostly sufficient for another half year. If leaving you boat in a marina or shipyard, a letter will be provided by the marina or shipyard which will be sufficient for customs.

Leaving your boat
If you wish to leave your boat in Curacao, it must be in a marina or else have a local person looking after it. You will need to present a letter to that effect and show your flight ticket to harbor immigration when you depart. Harbor immigration will check you out from your boat. When returning to Curacao you need to return to harbor immigration and check in again on your boat.

Visa extensions
If you need to extend your stay beyond your initial 90-day limit, you should apply for an extension at least 2 weeks early. Be prepared with a letter stating reasons for your request, and copies of your boat’s documentation or registration, passport, proof of financial means of support (e.g. credit card), and your immigration form & crew list. This is a lengthy and ill-defined process, but your good faith efforts to extend legally will generally meet with success and minimal expense.

Thievery comes and goes in this anchorage, so you are strongly advised to lock up your boat when not on board, and lock and lift your dinghy out of the water at night. Reporting any occurrences to the local police station at Montana (599-9-767-1777) helps make officials aware of problems, and may aid you in recovering your property. Notifying the Caribbean Safety & Security Net on SSB channel 8104 at 12:15 UTC, or e-mailing with details is the best way to alert other cruisers to potential problems.

Emergency Telephone Numbers
Ambulance 912
Hospital 910 or 462-4400
Fire/Police 911 or 767-1777 (nearby Montaña station)
Coast Guard 913
Doctor - Dr. Deutekom
Grebbelinieweg 24
Tel:465-4530-office; 560-1217-cell
Dentist - Chong Dental Clinic
Caracasbaaiweg 164
Tel: 461-6665-office
Taxi, airport shuttle - Urvin Alexander Tel: 694-6956-cell; 540-3048-cell

Public transportation
There are 2 types of busses. The governmental operated large busses, called "Convooi", and they operate on fixed routes. They run infrequent but the fare is cheap, NAFl 1.50 per person at this writing. For Spanish waters leaving at the roundabout at the fisherman's harbor and returning from the main terminal (large parking lot opposite of the post office) at Punda. For a detailed schedule see the table at the bottom. Then there are the the smaller, 9-passenger buses privately operated called "Bussie" and they may be hailed at any “Bushalte” (or bus stop) as well as at the main terminal or any other convenient spot where they can stop safely. They operate only on popular routes e.g. not Caracasbaai. They are a bit more expensive as the bigger buses, but run a lot more frequently. At a little extra fee, they might drop you off route.

Dinghy parking
At the Fisherman's Harbor is a small dinghy dock. You can leave your dinghy there, but please use a long line as it is often crowded and lock your dinghy. If the dinghy dock is full the security officer will tell you where you may park your dinghy elsewhere. The dinghy dock at Asiento is the pontoon on the left side near the starting tower, better facilities will be made there soon.

Other Useful Information
K-PASA is a free leaflet that lists what’s happening on the island each week, and is available at many bars and restaurants.

Copy machine available at Kima Kalki Marina for a small charge.

Photocopying - Xerox chart and general photocopying; 733-1300

Fax machine is available at Kima Kalki Marina for a small charge.

Public telephone will soon be available at Asiento.

Nautical flea market and book/DVD swap usually on the first Sunday of each month at Asiento. Listen to the Net for details.

Shower available at Kima Kalki Marina for a small charge.

Propane/camping gas
‘Propane Paul’ Thysen, 666-0193, 767-5272; picks up and delivers tanks on Tuesdays & Fridays. This is not a fast process, so anticipate your needs more than a week in advance!

Garbage Disposal
Trash and any batteries, old oil, or very large items (like boxes) should be disposed of at Fishermen’s Harbor at the foot of the bay. In due time maybe also at Asiento. Please bear in mind that we don’t pay anything for the disposal of the garbage and that we are guests both at the Fisherman's harbor and Asiento. So minimize your garbage and don’t put boxes and bags with mostly air into the containers. You van also take your glass bottles to Vreugdenhil, there is a glass container on the parking-lot, close to the buss top.

Water is available at Asiento and at Kima Kalki Marina if you have water jugs.
At Asiento contact Rigoberto Rodriguez at the workshop near the slip Tuesday-Friday between 2- 7 pm, (tel 7673280). You can also go with your boat to the Curacao Yacht Club and tank water at the fuel dock. Opening times are Tuesday-Friday 14.00 – 17.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10.00 -17.00 pm. (Channel 68)

Drop-off service is available at Kima Kalki Marina: in by 1000 on Monday, back by 1700 on Tuesday for 15.00 NAF per 2 kilos + 10 NAF delivery.
‘Het Washok’ is a laundry shop near Vreugdenhil Supermarket where you can drop your laundry and collect it the next day. Price NAF 3,00 per kilo.
Chinese Dry Clean and Laundry just after BestBuy on the right side of road

They DO NOT ACCEPT packages. The best way to have packages sent over is by using the office of the transportation company as end destination. This is an address for yachts in transit only, not a permanent mailing address.

Airlines and Travel Agent
Does Travel & Cadushi Tours; 461-1626-office, 461-8813-fax, Caracasbaaiweg 164
Mau Asam Travel, Schottegatweg Oost 37 (Corner Cas Coraweg, not too far from Centrum) 737- 0555
American Airlines, 869-5707
KLM, 736-1422

Banks are open 8:00-3:30 Monday through Friday. There are several cash machines on the main road, Caracasbaaiweg, close to the Vreugdenhil Supermarket, one in Vreugdenhil and two around the corner at Centrum.

Business Hours
Most supermarkets are open Monday through Saturday, 8:00-7:00 pm, non-stop, and on Sunday mornings until 12:00 pm.

Hardware Shops
These are open Monday through Saturday, 8:00-12:00 pm, and then again from 2:00 pm-5:00 pm. These hours also apply to most stores in town.

Supermarket Shuttle Buses - run daily, except Sunday. Approximately 1 hour shopping time, and they’re all free!
At 08:45 from Kima Kalki Marina to Vreugdenhil Supermarket
At 10:00 from Fisherman’s Roundabout to Vreugdenhil Supermarket
At 10:00 from Fisherman’s Roundabout to Strada/Best Buy Supermarket
also on Sunday
At 16:30 from Fisherman’s Roundabout to Strada/Best Buy Supermarket
At 09.00 On Sunday and Wednesday from Asiento to Albert Heijn Supermarket at Zeelandia **

Near Vreugdenhil are also Budget Marine, Dijtham (hardware store), Napa, Het Washok laundry
At Zeelandia are also Kooijman, Building Depot and Napa

Marinas & Yards
Seru Boca Marina - 767-9042, VHF channel 67
Kima Kalki Marina - 767-3014-office, 560-2759-cell, VHF channel 72
Curacao Yacht Club - 524-5208-fuel dock, 767-4627-office, VHF channel 68
Curacao Marine - dry dock, haulage, & repairs; 666-9252
Opus Marina - 560-1685, 663-4848 (previous bankruptcy proceedings dealt with and there is no longer a risk)
SOV Asiento – 767 3280

Car Rentals
Iemke, 767-3390
Best Value Car Rental (Mark) 510-3487, on Santa Rosaweg
Limestone Resort, 767-3007

Parking Facilities
You can park your car for free at or near the Fisherman's Harbor, contact the security officer about the best place. Also at Asiento is a free car parking. There is a 24 security officer but you park at your own risk!

Courier Services
DHL, Schottegatweg Oost 18, 737-0122
FedEx, Schottegatweg Oost 169, 737-3000
TNT, Dokweg 19, 733-1595
UPS, Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Boulevard 7, 461-3966

Diesel and Gasoline Fuel
Available at Curacao Yacht Club fuel dock, 767-4627, VHF channel 68; Tuesdays through Sundays from 14:00 – 17:30 (2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.), credit cards accepted

Engine Repair, transmission or fuel injection, spare parts
DPG, Bertie Perret Lenlil, 747-5060
Supply & Service Suser N.V., 461-2210, 461-2877
The maintenance man at Asiento can also help you in contacting any kind of mechanic you need, Rigoberto Rodriguez 76732800

Electrical, alternator repairs - Santa Rosa Motors, 737-5156

Electronics - Jimmy Electronics; 736-5455

General Boat Hardware and Supplies
Iemke; ask for pricelist; 561-4843-cell, 767-3390
Marine Warehouse Curacao, 767-5272
Budget Marine, 462-7733
Marine Coast Masters, 461-4476

(Editor's Note 2013: Marine Coast Masters no longer exists, there is now an Island Water World in Curacao (see Curacao Chandleries).

Marine welding - Eric at Curacao Marine; 511-0707

Sailmakers and Canvas
Rob Harms, 736-9838
Thomas Sail & Canvas, 767-9015
Fu Yong Chong, 868-5269 - canvas (Sunbrella) only

Barry Day aboard WITCHCRAFT; VHF channel 72

For a more complete listing of information and services, please refer to a current cruising guide for Curacao, such as ‘Gotta Go Cruising - The ABC Islands’ by Waterson and van der Reijden. Guides are available at most marine chandleries, or at .

Monday through Saturday Frequent departures from Punda main bus terminal, Jan Thiel Resort and Caracasbaai (Fishermen’s Roundabout).

Bus route:
Punda - Penstraat - Oranjestraat - Dr. M.L. King Blvd - Princess Beach Hotel - Sea Aquarium - Koraalspechtweg - Amandelweg - Anasaweg - Caracasbaaiweg - Jan Thiel - and return trip to Punda.

On Sundays buses leave at Punda at 9.30- 11.30- 13.30- 15.30- 17.30- 19.30- 21.30 and are about 20 minutes later at the fisherman's roundabout.

A schedule with the times of the other buses on the island is available at the bus station at Punda. There they also sell bus tickets. If you buy 10 at a time, it’s a little cheaper and a lot easier because you don’t need to look for change to pay the bus.

Pim Blokland
o/b SY Linea