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Independent Cruising in Indonesia - Another View

By Val Ellis last modified Mar 05, 2009 09:59 AM

Published: 2009-03-05 09:59:53
Countries: Indonesia

Hi there,

Too often we hear of people feeling that they need to join a rally to enjoy Indonesia. How far they are from the truth. In fact, we believe that the Rally generates a lot of local problems, when villages are over whelmed with a hundred boats at once! We have sailed from Australia, pre kids, over 5 times, back in the mid 90s, and have always organised our own CAITS, and cruised independently.

Admittedly, we have taken the time to learn some Bahasa, which goes along way in making friends and getting assistance, but Bahasa is a simple, phonetic language, and is easy to learn the basics. We are now sailing with two children, and sailed north through Indonesia in 2007, returning to Aceh and Sumatra from Langkawi again in 2008 and we are planning another trip to Aceh in 4 months.

Always we have used the same agent, and the application of cruising permits and sponsor letters is very simple. All application can be done via email, with simple use of JPEG format photos. The CAITS arrive within 3 weeks, and originals within 4. Her price is the best we know of too!

So, it doesn’t mean you need to join a rally!!!!!Enjoy the quiet and peace you can find independently instead of playing follow the leader! Each to their own though! Her name is Rachel and she can be contacted on [email protected]

She also accepts payment via direct deposit.

Happy cruising.

Mark Robertson