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Party Like It Is 1608

By Val Ellis last modified Nov 20, 2008 02:23 PM

Published: 2008-11-20 14:23:29
Topics: Rallies
Countries: Bermuda

A massive year long birthday bash is planned for 2009 to celebrate Bermuda's 400th anniversary. July 28, 2009 marks four hundred years since the Sea Venture wrecked on Bermuda's shores during a violent storm. The Sea Venture was part of a flotilla on its way to repopulate the starving British colony of Jamestown, Virginia. "We are going to be celebrating Bermuda and her people for the entire year," said committee chairman Conchita Ming. "We want people to embrace that theme."

"In keeping with the theme of celebrating Bermuda and Her People, we are looking at the wreck of the Sea Venture as the starting off point to tell the story of Bermuda," said Mr. Holmes. "But it is not the 400th celebration of the wreck of the Sea Venture. It is about the 400 years that followed. It is about how Bermuda started from there. It is about the struggles and triumphs we went through to get to here. So it won't be so focused on the Sea Venture. It is about the journey we have been through." Celebrations kick off on January 3, on the heels of New Years.