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Blue Card Waste Disposal System - latest situation

By Sue Richards last modified Mar 03, 2015 04:28 PM

Published: 2015-01-13 22:00:00
Countries: Turkey

Posted February 2015 from M/V LeeZe

The blue card has migrated as far north as Kusadasi, and should be in Izmir this boating year, but here at Çanakkale’s city marina, they do not even have a pump out station for the gulets so it has not made it to here.

But friends say that it is all the rage at the established marinas in the Istanbul area and the Sea of Marmara. However, I saw no pump out station at the two city marinas in Istanbul, nor at the fishing port at the entrance to the Straits on the Black Sea.

Some boaters are also reporting that the port people in Alanya are pressuring the gulets there to get with the program.

There are direct reports of people being fined for dumping gray water overboard in Gocek, but these people were stupid in that they used ordinary liquid dish soap when washing their dishes. Those that use the liquid dish washing soap made for dishwashers find that soap cleans without making suds, and therefore the authorities do not bother them.

By law, in Gocek, even the gray water is suppose to be captured but enforcement is spotty at best.

Lastly, some have been harassed by others for showering with soap topside but not by the authorities. (These people are having their pictures taken and posted on turkish boating web sites of stuff not to do.)

We spent a lot of time in Greece and found pump out stations only at privately owned marinas. We wanted to do the right thing and pump out in Mytilini but it took two days for the Port Authority to find a person, then that person came and did not have the right equipment, and then wanted 150 euros also. At the private marina, it would have costed us 85 euros to pump out as that is the cost for one night stay, + water, + electricity + 15 euros for the actual pump out.

We pumped out underway.

Çanakkale, Turkey”

Posted June 2012

Subject: Mugla Province: Blue Card Waste Disposal System now in Action

This year sees the introduction of the "Blue Card" waste disposal monitoring facility in Anatolia region.

Sailors are required to buy a card (20 lira) and have all the yachts details programmed into it, ie size of waste bin and capacity of holding tank. Using a scale based on the number of persons aboard relative to the size of the holding tank, the local authorities can work out how often you are "oblidged" to have it emptied. Fines are levied for not pumping out and for not having the card.

Quite how they will enforce this development when many older yachts have no holding tanks is hard to say. To make matters further complicated, you are not allowed to pump out grey water either and cannot use detergent when washing your decks.

Marmaris Yat Marine has some information on their website, but it's still early to see how it will affect cruising yachts.

I would recommend getting the card so at least you are in the system and won't get a fine for not having one.

Graham Smith
SY Christina

For previous noonsite reports about the "Blue Card" scheme see here.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 24, 2014 12:51 PM

For constant updates about this scheme by cruisers in Turkey, go to the Marmaris Bay Cruisers Blog -

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jun 24, 2014 12:50 PM

Blue Card Scheme update: 2014-06-23, from M/V LeeZe:
As of this date, Kusadasi and Cesme are still not using the card. There is no pump out in Cesme at the city wall. You can hire a truck but we found the cost to be about 150 TL, minimum. The Gulets at the wall dump at sea, usually along the NW side of the Peninsular after their last swim call and before returning. They say the current is swift there. (Direct report from three boats.) The marina will pump you out at their gas dock. When checking out from Cesme, the Port Captain verified that I had a Blue Card and thought that MAYBE in 2015, it will come to Cesme. Even then, the city will not have a pump out capability for the gulets at the city wall until at least 2016.
Lastly, Turmepa advertises that they will come to pump you out in Cesme. We tried three times to get them to come. No joy.
When checking in at Eski Foca, The Port Captain wanted to see my card. There is no pump out capability shore side but never asked the Gulet captains what they do. There is no pump out boat either.
As we travel more North, there appears to be even less concern given to black water discharge. If something changes, we will post.
MV LeeZe

aoor0708 says:
Sep 22, 2013 07:17 PM

Bluecard program apparently in full swing now. We had a coastcard visit in the Gocek area ( 20 fathoms bay) and had to present our Bluecard.
Friends of ours without one, were requested to get one immediately in Gocek as a last warning..