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Port Morgan, Haiti, Update

By Sue Richards last modified May 14, 2012 11:18 AM

Published: 2012-05-14 11:18:39
Countries: Haiti

This is generally up to date but during my stay in a rain squall the wind turned through 180 degrees and some boats dragged. There is limited room in the inner bay and so some boats tend to put out less scope; hence the danger of dragging especially after a wind change. Anchoring in the main bay affords a bit less shelter but lots of swinging room.

In theory internet is available at the library but a better bet is to ask nicely at the hotel and use their machine. If you are having lunch or dinner there will be no problem - about US$ 30 a head. Do not expect fast speeds.

The boat boys are persistant but polite. Try a walk to the market on a Monday or Thursday (60 minutes if you are quick) and sail back on one of the local boats. On this trip you may learn a little about how little it takes to put to put together a sailing boat!

Apparently the hotel can organise diesel (untested). Do not touch the local water.

If you are going on to Cuba do not check in as the Cubans will have you on Cholera watch... Cholera is not reported to be a problem on Ile a Vache.

Anthony Swanston
SY Wild Fox