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Turkey, Fethiye, Aksazlar Bay: Break-in and Burglary - May 2012

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 26, 2012 09:23 PM

Published: 2012-05-09 22:15:00
Topics: Piracy Reports 2012
Countries: Turkey

Subject: Robbery in Fethiye Bay, Turkey May, 2012

Another break in, apparently the first in the cruising season of 2012 in Fethiye.

An unusual occurrence in Turkey which surprised us, having cruised here for some time. We feel lucky to have not lost more than we did, and it made us rethink our level of safety.

We were anchored in the bay one-half NM North of Fethiye Ece Marina (Aksazlar Bay - where there is a beach and picnic tables in a pretty setting) for two days. Location: 36 37 48.42N, 29 05 42.55E. We departed our vessel from 1730-2130 on May 2nd, having just gone around the corner to visit friends. All was securely locked.

Our catamaran looked undisturbed on our return. In the morning, we saw footprints on deck. A hatch had been pried open (with a crowbar of some sort when we examined the marks), and a purse with approximately 200TL was gone along with a "coin" collection of different coins from our travels and some we had engraved. All else, including electronics, cameras, cell phones, etc. were not disturbed. It was obvious that all cabinets had been "neatly" searched, so to not alert us that anyone had been there.

We think perhaps they heard our dinghy returning on that quiet night and left hurriedly through the same hatch. We know that they were watching for when we would leave. There were two other boats anchored in the vicinity near us who saw nothing. It is a mystery as to how they arrived since there there were no wet footprints left behind inside. Perhaps between the two hulls of a cat is a good place to hide a small vessel or kayak..they seemed to have been familiar with the boat, and on checking with several marinas and yacht rentals, they all mentioned that cats had been hit in that area in previous years.

We did report this to the Coast Guard, who asked if we wanted to file a report. We said we did not, but they were thankful that we had informed them regardless, so that they could watch better.

We will now, unfortunately, pay attention to arriving home before dark.

Rick and Barbara Heinen
S/Y Far Out