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Brazil, Angra dos Reis nr Paraty: Armed Boarding & Robbery, Crew Tortured - January 2012

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 26, 2012 09:18 PM

Published: 2012-01-31 14:05:00
Topics: Piracy Reports 2012
Countries: Brazil

Update posted 12 March 2012

As you can see from the link (news in Portuguese), all but one of the pirates that attacked SY Bacco Per, have now been caught.

The group of pirates were all experienced sailors, one in fact was an employee of the assaulted owner for 4 years.

Unfortunately it took several days before the police in Paraty contacted the assaulted owner, as he was threatened by the pirates not to contact the police. It was therefore only on arrival in Ubatuba that he reported the incident. The cooperation between the police in Ubatuba and Paraty, fortunately gave very rapid results as only one of the pirates is still on the run.

This is the first time we have had this kind of piracy in our area. The increasing size and value of yachts operating in the Costa Verde - the coastline between Rio de Janeiro and the large seaport of Santos - is obviously also an attraction to unwanted elements.

Capt. Tore Christiansen

News of incident posted 2 February 2012

As reported at Our thanks to Joao Blauth of SY Zuretta for bringing this incident to noonsite's attention.

On Friday 20 January 2012, the boat "BACCO PER", 60 feet, belonging to a doctor based in Sao Paulo and Ubatuba Yacht Club, the neighboring city, anchored off Cedar Island, near the village of Tarituba and a short distance from the center of Paraty.

It was a sheltered place with a few other boats at anchor, and the family on board (grandparents, children, grandchildren) intended to spend a quiet night there during their summer vacation.

During the afternoon, they were approached by a boat with the colors of the Navy, with 3 personnel on board in uniform. They carried out a long inspection, not only of the vessel's documents and its skipper, but also asking the rest of the crew about things not related at all to a Navy interview. The yacht was thoroughly searched by the military, who finally withdrew.

Later that night a boat approached silently, and 3 masked men suddenly burst into the main cabin, leaving at least one other outside the boat. They rounded up all the family, except the father of the owner who was very old and asleep in his cabin. His son and daughter begged the robbers not to bother him, saying that the father could have a fatal attack since he had a weak heart.

The children, women and adults were all forced to undress and were handcuffed with plastic handcuffs. Then without any reason, simply with malice or intent to submit them all to psychological harm, the attackers hit the family with gun butts, punches and kicks. The family were then divided into two groups and tortured separately so that they would tell where the valuables were kept (other than those that the bandits had already taken hold of).

The owner's son, also a doctor, suffered near suffocation as the attackers poked the tip of a knife in his neck and stuck his head in a plastic bag, squeezing it to the point of fainting. The attackers threatened him several times, sayhing they would throw him in the water shackled to his elderly parents.

After a lengthy session of torture and humiliation, the attackers escaped with all the equipment they could carry and fled, leaving their victims still tied up. When they managed to break free, the owners were so traumatized they wanted only to return quickly to Ubatuba and São Paulo, where they live.

To date the attackers have not been caught.