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Sevenstar Sailings to and from the Far East

By Sue Richards last modified Mar 28, 2012 11:12 AM

Published: 2012-03-28 11:12:54
Topics: Global Yachting Services
Countries: Italy , Maldives , Singapore , Thailand , Turkey

Sevenstar Yacht Transport are operating the following sailings to and from the Far East from now until Spring 2013:

FROM the Far East (Singapore, Phuket & Male) to Marmaris (Turkey) and Genoa (Italy):

MAY 2012
MV TBN: May 1/15
Sailing schedule:
Singapore 1/15 May
Phuket Thailand 05/20 May
Male Maldives 10/25 May

MV Floragracht: March 05/20
MV Happy Diamond: April 05/20
MV TBN: May 05/20

- In 2013, subject to enough interest, a stopover can be made in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
- Other ports upon request (Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Sharm el-Sheikh).
- Spring 2013, there already has been cruiser interest to organise a drop-off in the Northern Red Sea by yachts wanting to explore Egypt prior to cruising the Mediterranean. With a minimum of 8-10 yachts this can be arranged.

TO the Far East (Male, Phuket & Singapore) from Europe (Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Marmaris (Turkey) and Genoa (Italy):

MV Donaugracht: August 01/25 from Genoa & Marmaris
MV TBN: September 01/15 from Palma de Mallorca & Genoa & Marmaris
MV TBN: October 01/15 from Palma de Mallorca & Genoa

Other ports upon request (Sharm el-Sheikh, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung).

On booking, Sevenstar offer a special "cruiser clause" whereby you can decide up to the 1st of December of the current year if you want to ship in March or May, or even delay for a year. This means that should their be any setbacks whilst on passage, you don't get into trouble with the shipping (contract) and don't lose any down-payments or your place on board.

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