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Wintering in Sevilla

By Sue Richards last modified Dec 09, 2011 03:10 PM

Published: 2011-12-09 15:10:33
Countries: Spain

There are three marinas of which the Club Nautico Sevilla (CNS) is by far the best choice. Even if one of our pilot books states "you should only choose it if you are not overly concerned with the prices", we have to disagree. It's actually even cheap (for 5 months we have to pay an average of €12/day incl. water and electricity).

There are several problems associated with a visit however.

Neither the newest C-Map charts nor Reeds 2011 are correct as a new lock has been built further down stream and conditions in the channel have changed by the old lock which must now be circumnavigated (that is the easy part though, I have added a new chart and a snip from Google Earth).

It is probably best to go to Marina Gelves first (situated in the tidal part of the river outside the other two marinas) and wait there until further arrangements have been made, ie. first one has to pass a lock which can only be negotiated in connection with the passage of commercial traffic that can be monitored (ETA to Sevilla) at:

Thereafter there is a bascule bridge that only opens 5 times a week and thus one may have to stay overnight at Marina SunSails (former Marina Yachting Sevilla) between the new lock and CNS.

To add to the complications, the only language of communication is Spanish (but everybody is very helpful). And finally - to add insult to injury - the club does not take reservations. Once you are there though, it is well worth the effort, it's a grand place to spend the winter.

Telephone numbers (only Spanish is spoken):
Lock: 618 610 826
Bridge: 954 61 19 55
Marina SunSails: 954 18 48 48 / 609 544 909
CNS: 954 454 777

Sten Engelstoft
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