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Puerto Lucia - Go Prepared

By Sue Richards last modified Oct 26, 2011 10:47 AM

Published: 2011-10-26 10:47:32
Countries: Ecuador

Please see the response from the marina about the following observations by cruiser Lucas Criens at the bottom of this report.

Pto Lucia La Libertad - Equador - Aug 2011
An update on this marina

In Iquique we emailed Pto Lucia and agreed a price. After 10 days motor sailing, as there was only between 5 and 10 knots of wind, we arrived in Pto Lucia.

Here we got a cold shower as the price changed and on top came the electricity and the water and the amount of days lived on board. One week stay was almost as expensive as 1/2 a month stay.

As the electricity was a shambles and extremely dangerous on the pontoon, with live open plugs and socket connections, we requested a marina electrician to hook us up. The electrician was busy for some time trying to find the cable, which appeared to be in the water. He twisted our wire to these, and hooked us up, again we had to pay $15 and we were told it would be the same amount to disconnect.

We contacted the harbourmaster with difficulty and dicussed the problems, after some effort he apologised and agreed on the price emailed.

Wifi was erraticly operational and they started changing to another provider. A super wifi is available for free at the Mall with the Hypermercado, half an hours walk away.

When a crude oil tanker was loaded on the SBM and left, hours later the marina and beaches were polluted with crude oil leakages. This didn't harm us as the boat was still filthy from Las Palmas, but was not so nice for Sydney our dog, when he walked on the beach.

On the electricity side, nothing has been done after a bad report 5 years ago, it got even worse and extremely dangerous - in particular with kids on the pontoon.

In our opinion, to leave your boat to travel the country, Amistad is a better option - the Agent is American. The agent in Pto Lucia admitted, he adjusts his fee to the richness of the yacht he is representing. We paid $200, a small 26 foot Ausstralian boat paid $150 and another yacht had to pay $250. On top of this comes the fees for the officials. When you want to visit another harbour, you have to pay again agent fees.

When it came to loading diesel we discovered in time we had to pay 4 times more than the locals. Well sorry, we had enough to get to Panama and can sail. Many must have thought the same, as the marina was almost empty with only 2 foreigners on the hard and 2 in the water.

SY Lambada (48.5ft catamaran)

Pto Lucia Marina have replied as follows:

We thank you Mr. Criens for the diligence on his observations on the marina. The electrical issues have been corrected.

All requests for quotes on our services are answered promptly. Some optional charges were not included in our previous quotes, such as an optional $5.00 per day live-aboard fee per boat, for Club admission, trash removal, hot showers. This has been corrected. In addition, a note will be included that quotes have a 60-day validity.

There are two rates and services for floating docks: north and south.

NORTH WALL: all services included. Finger on each space, electric hookup 220 and 110 VAC, water, and parking next to the wall. Electricity $0.30 Kwh. Water $3.75 m3. Wi-Fi included.

SOUTH WALL: Med mooring type floating docks, without finger. Water is optional and available at $3.75 m3. No Wi-Fi. No electric hookups. Mr. Criens rented a space in this area.

New regulations allow foreign tourist boats to remain in Ecuador for up to a year. An agent is presently required to clear entrance to Ecuador. Our marina personnel will liaise between the boat owner and the agent, but all charges assessed by the agency will be payed directly by the boat owner to the agent.

Galo Ortiz
Puerto Lucia