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Tobago: Plymouth, Great Courland Bay - Daytime robbery/break-in

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 04, 2011 08:42 PM

Published: 2011-09-04 20:42:17
Topics: Piracy Reports 2011
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

Two boats (Persephone USA and USA 3/4 time) were anchored close together approx. 200 yrds from the end of the jetty/dock in Plymouth on Friday 2nd September. At 1100, with many locals watching and doing nothing, a 23-25yr male robbed USA 3/4 time (which was unlocked) and then broke into Persephone USA.

He was taken to the boats by 2 teenagers on a kayak. Also there was 1 look out involved.

As the crew returned, they saw a splash, and someone swimming away from the boat. On getting back on board, Persephone USA's skipper saw that it had been broken into and rushed back to the dock to question the suspect as he hastily started running off.

Skipper Bob Karlicki, yelled to the 9 or so witnesses, "Look at this boy, look at his face. You know him he's a local. etc."

After the male fled, damage assessment was done on Persephone USA and nothing noticable, no currency, or electronics or meds were taken. The boat had just been rifled through. The other boat that was robbed (its companionway was unlocked) had been rifled through extensively. Some money had been stolen (100 Euros, and about 30usd) but no electronics or anything else of value had been taken.

The skippers returned to the area of the witnesses who said they knew nothing and were reluctant to help. However, later someone co-operative was found who was willing to disclose the robbers name, house location etc.

Skipper Bob Karlicki comments, "Tobago has A GREAT reputation with boaters for safety and things like this are not good for the island. When I told the witnesses the name of the robber they kinda giggled. "Ya ya" I then told them, why did you not help? I told them you have no foresight, and that I was going to inform the boaters about the incident, and it will affect them. They were angry but understood the point I was making".

"Police know of this known thief and troublemaker and say they will detain him for several days. The Coast Gaurd have also been notified. It is sad that these people prefer to look out for a criminal, instead of looking out for their future".

Bob Karlicki
SV Persephone USA

Follow-up comment from B. Karlicki

We were approached today (2 days after incident) by a cruiser who told us a story about the same harbor. He came over to tell us his story.

Last year in Sept, this SV (who chooses to remain anonymous because he feels foolish) was robbed in Plymouth harbor, also during the day. They did not get much money, but broke in through a small hatch. This criminal befriended the Captain before the crime. It was reported to the police, but not to the boating community.

It would help if other cruisers were to report problems in all harbors as a warning to others to avoid or make an informed decision about an anchorage.

I still will and want to return to this great place and don't deter anyone from coming here, just avoid Plymouth.