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Leewards and Windwards Updates

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 11, 2011 01:20 PM

Published: 2011-07-11 13:20:39
Countries: Saba , Statia

We have been travelling through the Leewards and Windwards and have a few updates for you. Here they are.

Ted and Joan Palango

Saba and Statia

With the break up of the Dutch Antilles and their recent change of status to being independent entities within the Dutch kingdom, many policies have changed and are expected to continue to evolve over the next 6 years.

In January 2011, customs and immigration are being staffed by the Dutch. They no longer use the eSeaClear system. You have to check in and out separately from Saba and then again in Statia.

Fees in Saba were:
free for customs and immigration
$20 per boat for 3 months payable to the harbor office
$3 per person per week for a mooring payable to the marine park office

In Statia it was $15 to the harbor office and we are not sure about customs, immigration or the marine park.

These two areas are no longer duty free and provisions are very expensive. We were told that all items are taxed 5% when they leave St. Marten and then another 6% when they are sold in either Saba or Statia. Provisions in Saba are better but very pricy. Provisions in Statia were more reasonably priced but lacked some of the quality and variety of Saba.

Evidently the main benefit to the locals is better and cheaper health care and perhaps we are all paying for that benefit.

An island tour in Saba can be arranged from the harbor office and they are $40 - $50USD. Definitely recommend taking the tour and having them pick you up at the harbor office. Saba is a delightful island. It is a very steep climb from the harbor up to Bottom. If you decide to walk and get tired it is easy to hitch a ride with one of the locals. The guys who run the Marine Park and the Harbor office are very friendly locals and very knowledgeable. Check with them for updates.

Dashaies, Guadeloupe

Check-in is no longer up the hill it is now at Pelican which is a shop in town. It is free to check in but the management of Pelican charges 3 euro’s or $5USD for the service. No way around that extra fee if you check in at Dashaies.