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Vanuatu Festivals Coming Up

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 22, 2011 12:33 PM

Published: 2011-06-22 12:33:48
Countries: Vanuatu


Hello Friends of Port Sandwich,

We've got lot's of activities coming up, many of which were made especially for yachts cruising through Vanuatu. Here’s a look at what’s happening in Port Sandwich:

2nd Annual Port Sandwich Festival, 17-18 August 2011:

On August 17th and 18th Lamap invites you to celebrate its history and culture at the Port Sandwich Yacht Club. Several of South East Malekula’s kastom dance groups along with a few local string band groups will come together to share with you the culture that makes Vanuatu great. The women’s club will show you how to cook and eat in the traditional way. And of course you’ll be able to relax with plenty of fresh kava, cold Tusker, and good company. 2000vt/day/guest (kids 1500vt, 5 and under free).

If you come early there’ll be a snorkeling tour on the 16th (1500vt/guest). And if you’re staying late there’ll be a day hike to swim in the Limangao cascades on the 19th of August (1500vt/guest).

Island Nights:

One night of every month from June-October there’ll be a celebration of the island lifestyle. It starts with a traditional kastom display then an evening of fresh kava, Melanesian feast, a lively string band and a chance to get to know the friendly locals. 2000vt/per person (children 1500vt).

Here are the dates: June 16th, July 21st, September 15th, October 13th

Private Island Night:

If you won’t be able to join us on one of those dates, don’t worry. You can have your own private island night. A private island night includes fresh kava, Melanesian feast, a roasted pig and our local string band. 28,000vt for groups of 4-12. 38,000vt for groups of 14-25.

Rock and Noela’s Rainbow Restaurant:

Learn the true meaning of "storian" with these Port Sandwich ambassadors. Open every day for lunch June-November. Dinner and breakfast is available by appointment. Just 2 minutes walk from the wharf. Follow the sign on the road to Rock’s front porch for some tasty Vanuatu food with a little Wallis and Futuna magic.

Hiking, Snorkeling, and Kastom Dance

The Lamap Ecotourism Committee has lots to offer. Some of our activities include a 1 day cascades hike, 2 day bush village hike, hike to South West Bay, snorkeling tour, rent snorkeling gear or even a private showing from one of the Kastom Dance groups. Give us a call, email, or check out our blog for more information.

Contact Us:

English: Stephanie: 678 56 18 096, Nigel: 678 53 64 181
French: Tito: 678 54 36 814, Kuzi: 678 54 61 422
[email protected]


The Banks festival will be held in Vureas Bay on Vanua Lava Sept 1-4.

Check in Port Vila for exact dates on Ambrym's - Magic festival in July and Back to My Roots festival end of August; the sailing canoe regatta in Epi, normally the first Friday of August; the Nalawan festival in SW bay Malekula mid-August; the Banan bay festival on East Malekula and more festivals.

All cruisers are welcome to join!