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Four Months in Trinidad

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 27, 2012 11:35 AM

Published: 2011-04-27 11:05:00
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

Posted 27 April, 2011

We spent 4.5 months in Trinidad, having a huge list of stuff to be done on the boat.

1. Security:
Not as bad as often reported. The Chaguaramas area (marinas & boatyards) is mostly secure. A couple of outboards stolen while we were there, but certainly not a war zone. Authorities seem to have changed their mind towards yachting, and are more supportive. The level of violence (body count) in the city is very bad, but mostly concerns the locals. Stay away from the city at night time, and DO NOT walk alone anytime. We had no problems in the time we were there, but did take the usual precautions.

2. Marinas:
Crews Inn is the only 4/5 star marina (swimming pool, hot showers, BBQ area). Service on the docks is good, restaurants however are bad. Coral Cove has good facilities, but terrible service and is quite rolly.

3. Haul out:
The biggest is Peakes, excellent gear and very professional service. Problem is they only allow in-house workmen*, which limits the choice (*see update to this information below).
Power Boats (not for power boats specifically, the name is misleading) has good gear, good service, and allows outsiders to do work. Some of the better workmen are also there.
Coral cove is quite small, and would be more adequate for those who want to do the work themselves.

4.Technical services:
The best are in Power Boats.
- Mechanical: Klaus (blue container in Power Boats) is probably the best mechanic I've ever met. He tends to be slow (lots of work), but what he does will LAST! Trevor, also at Power Boats is a very good all round handyman, highly recommended (he often works with Klaus, and Klaus will find him for you). Gittens (Adean) is excellent for diesel engines and generators.
- Electrical: Jim at Shure Power (Power Boats) is excellent, while Western (Tardieu Marine) is the expert for starter motors. I've tested other electricians but was not satisfied.
- Sail making: Socca Sail is good, albeit slow.
- Rigging: Budget rigging (Budget Marine) is excellent.
- Car rental: Steward (Nice Car rental) is very good. His cars are OK, and his service in case of trouble is first class. He also knows all the handymen in Chaguaramas and is a great source of information.

The carnival was awesome, and we'll go back to Trinidad for the hurricane season.

SY Mary Ann

*Posted 27 September, 2012

I've been on the hard at Peakes since 26 May 2012. You may work on your boat yourself, or you may hire either Peakes or independent contractors of your choice. If you hire an independent contractor, he must be on an approved list (and Peakes does their best to keep only good contractors on the list). The contractor pays either a daily or monthly rate to work on site.

In fact, this is no different than the other yards. Powerboats, for example, prohibits you from contracting directly with an independent contractor. In this case, you contract with Powerboats and they contract with the worker (they don't supervise, its just an administrative procedure).

Wade Alarie
SV Joana

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