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Our Indonesia Boat Bond Experience

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 08, 2010 11:06 AM

Published: 2010-11-08 11:06:28
Countries: Indonesia

We cruised Indonesia for 2 months, August, September 2010, and would like to share our experience with regards to the Bond Issue.

First up I would like to say that at no time during our 2 months were we asked for any sort of kickback or to pay any bribe. We were treated with the utmost respect by officials who went out of their way to help us, the only problem being sometimes the language barrier.

I must point out that we entered Indonesia via Jayapura and cleared out at Manado (Sulawesi). When clearing in at Jayapura we were told by customs that they could not clear our boat in (they did not want to get involved with the whole bond issue) but they were happy for us to stay and enjoy there city which we did for 10 days.

At Biak there was no mention of the bond and we just cleared in and out with the harbour master.

We spent 3 weeks cruising Raja Ampat then headed for Manado where our intention was to clear out of Indonesia and head to Malaysia. Clearing out at Manado was straight forward, customs came on board had a bit of a look around then cleared the boat in and out, once again no mention of a bond or no request for any sort of payment.

It is fair to say that we were not cruising the more popular route and the experience may be somewhat different further south.

When dealing with officials there are 3 things to remember:
- never raise your voice when the language barrier gets difficult;
- remember you are the visitor;
- and most importantly learn a bit of the language (just the basics), which will get you a lot of respect.

Paul, Joyce & Darien Baillie
SY Byamee