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Chaguaramus Security Update

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 21, 2010 09:10 AM

Published: 2010-09-21 09:10:00
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

Received from Steve van Rensburg
S/V Cinnamon Girl
Referrer Page:
Subject: Chaguaramus Security

I'm afraid the situation has not improved much this year (2010).

We have been on the hard here at power boats since April - October 2010. Dingys and motors are still being stolen from both foreign yachts, as well as local fishing boats.

In response to this, the Chaguaramus business community have put together a volenteer harbour patrol that operates throughout the night on a high speed pirogue. This action seems to have had the desired effect, as theft has all but ceased in the patrolled area.

Unfortunately there is currently no patrol on the TTSA side, and thefts are still occuring there at present.

The local coast guard does not seem to have the manpower or the desire to patrol - they do have the hardware. It's rather absurd that foreign nationals should be doing what is esentially a state duty.

We had our brand new rocna anchor stolen off our boat one night, but the story had a happy ending, as the Power boats security officials were able to check their various video camera footage, track down the peretrators and our anchor was returned to us three days later.