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El Salvador - Proposed Changes to Clearance Fees for Visiting Yachts

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 23, 2010 11:30 AM

Published: 2010-06-23 11:30:06
Countries: El Salvador

The El Salvador Government are now proposing a charge of $1 a day, paid by visiting yachts for every day spent in Salvadoran waters. If this new levy becomes law (and it is likely it will be implemented), then it will replace the Autoridad Marítima Portuaria (AMP)’s new regulation announced in March that taxes visiting yachts $100 on entry.

The $40 charge for an exit Zarpe, also introduced in March, is currently “under discussion”.

Cruisers report that the proposed $1 per day fee will apply for one year, then the boat has to leave or pay a tax which is likely to be 10% the value of the boat. See noonsite visa information for El Salvador concerning visa time limits.

Previously in El Salvador, the cost of port clearance was limited to about $10 per tourist visa, and the Zarpe was free. Local marinas have been fighting against the March regulation as they felt it could severely limit nautical tourism. It looks like their efforts may be rewarded.

Note: the proposed law concerning a valuation tax for yachts staying in Salvadoran waters more than 60 days is not being enforced as of 14 May 2010.

Cruisers in El Salvador currently report that the old law is not being enforced, however it is recommended if you are planning on visiting El Salvador, to check in advance about customs duty for foreign flag boats, and do not assume anything when dealing with El Salvador officials. The laws change frequently in Latin America - it is therefore worth a check for the current situation before visiting.

Our thanks to Bill Yeargan and Jean Strain of SV Mita Kuuluu for notifying noonsite of the proposed new charges.