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Sailtales - New idea for sharing information with fellow cruisers

By Sue Richards last modified May 20, 2010 12:48 PM

Published: 2010-05-20 12:48:27
Topics: Cruising Information

Sailtales is a NEW email-based system for sharing sailing information, for example about good anchorages, checking in experiences and fuel prices.

Set up by Dutch cruiser Joost Jager of SV Hafskip, the basic idea is simple.

You subscribe yourself to an area and every report that is published on that area will be automatically sent to your email address. As you sail along, you change your area to what is ahead of you. In that way you keep receiving only the information that is relevant to you. Of course you can publish your own reports as well and help cruisers that are behind you.

To control the number of reports that you'll receive, Joost has implemented a daily limit on the number of bytes that will be sent to you. This is obviously important for sailmail, winlink and satphone accounts. If so many reports are published in your area that the daily limit is exceeded, these reports will be queued. At the end of the day, only the titles of the queued reports will be sent to you. The full reports can be requested later if desired.

Currently the daily limit is set at 3000 bytes and this will never be exceeded even if you subscribe yourself to the whole world.

Example Report

This is a recent Sailtales report that went through the system:

---- 310. Mandraki port Rhodos ----

by JOHANNA on 05-05-2010 at position 36:27.06N 28:13.57E

There are two ways of getting a place in Mandraki port.

The cheap way: find a place yourself. Best chances on the south side between the charter yachts. Full on Friday and Saterday when crews change. Use fenders and some power. If they chase you away say you will leave tomorrow. Pay around 5 euro's per night to the harbour master who will also try to chase you away. Say your engine is broken.

The expensive way: call Alpha Maritime on channel 77. They will find you a place and assist with mooring. They will do all the paperwork, customs and issue the transit log. They charge 50 euro's for there services plus cost of customs (50 euros) and transit log (30 euros) plus harbour fees, for which they will try to get 50 euros per night. Negotiate after getting a place and just pay less. They share part of the profit with the harbour master.

Alternative: anchor around 36:27.8N 028:13.7E, outside the breakwater and avoid the authorities.

Other alternative: don't go to Rhodos, but go tgo Symi. Beautiful, quiet and don't talk to the authorities.

To Publish a Report

Send your report in an email to [email protected]. Put position and title of the report in the subject line in exactly the same way as the following example shows:

24:10.17N 35:40.55E Dolphin Reef

To Start Receiving Reports from a Specific Area

Send an email to [email protected]. Leave the subject empty. Put the following line in the email body and replace the coordinates with the coordinates of the area that you would like to receive reports from:

subscribe 30N,30E,24N,36E

To receive Sailtales Help Information

For complete information about how to operate Sailtales, send an empty email with blank subject to [email protected].

Any questions, suggestions, problems, please contact Joost at [email protected].