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A Summary of all "Piracy" Reports to noonsite in 2009

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 20, 2010 10:33 AM

Published: 2010-04-20 10:33:00
Topics: Piracy & Security

A summary of piracy, suspicious incidents, robbery and burglary reports sent to noonsite during 2009.

Atlantic Ocean
N of Cape Verdes

December 2009: Suspicious Pursuit.

Amazon River

July 2009: Tourist vessel boarded by pirates - armed robbery.
Itaparica Island
February 2009: Yachtsman murdered on his boat.


English Harbour

January 2009: Skipper shot and killed ashore.
Jolly Harbour, Moscito Cove
January 2009: Armed attack on yacht at anchor in early hours of the morning.

Port Elizabeth
November 2008: Locked yacht boarded and robbed whilst crew ashore for dinner.
Early 2009: Dinghy Stolen.
Princess Margaret Beach
October 2009: Yacht burgled while crew ashore.

Prince Rupert Bay
May 2009: Armed robbery and attack.
June 2009: Crew burgled whilst asleep.
December 2009: Crew burgled whilst asleep.

Mt. Hartman Bay
April 2009: Attack & Robbery at knife point.

Saint Lucia
Marigot Bay
November 2009: Cruisers Robbed in Street.
Soufriere Bay
January 2009: Locked yacht boarded and robbed whilst crew ashore for dinner.

St. Vincent
See report on yacht crimes during 2009 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
October 2009: Assault and Robbery.

March 2009: Burglaries, Robberies and Dinghy Theft.
December 2009: En route from Trinidad to Grenada, Armed Robbery by Pirates.

Belize and Guatemala
Throughout 2009: Dinghy and outboard theft at Monkey Bay Marina, Rio Dulce and Turniff Cays, Belize.

December 2009: Armed Robbery at Port Entrance.
December 2009: Yacht Burgled at Anchor.
December 2009: Dinghy and Outboard Theft.

May 2009: Chased by unlit boats.

Athens, Zea Marina
September 2009: Burglary at night.
Ionian, Mitikas
Summer 2009: A number of Burglaries.

Gilli Islands nr. Lombok
September 2009: Yacht burgled while crew staying ashore.

Naples Bay
May 2009: Yacht robbed and stolen, crew thrown overboard.

Cabo Gracias A Dios
October 2009: Armed Robbery by Pirates.

Subic Bay
January 2009: Yacht robbed whilst crew asleep.

April 2009: Two yachts hijacked by Somali pirates.
October 2009: Paul and Rachel Chandler kidnapped by Somali Pirates.

Solomon Islands
Florida Islands
Oct 2008-March 2009: Armed Robberies.

Somalia, NE
April 2009: French skipper of sea-jacked yacht dies in rescue attack.

Koh Adang
March 2009: Yacht robbed, crew attacked and skipper murdered.

Tres Puntos
April 2009: Shooting attack on yacht underway.
Mid way between Isla La Tortuga & Islas de Margarita
November 2009: Followed suspiciously.

Zuquar Island
May 2009: Attempted Pirate Attack on yacht at anchor.