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Cruising from Ft. Lauderdale to Curacao

By Sue Richards last modified Feb 14, 2010 09:12 PM

Published: 2010-02-14 21:12:15
Topics: Caribbean Sea
Countries: Bahamas , Curacao , Dominican Republic , Turks & Caicos , USA

I have just completed my 3rd delivery of a dive boat from the US to Curacao and I'd like to give you guys some information about the places we stopped. We travelled from the 2-9th of February 2010.

In Nassau Bahamas, the Nassau Yacht Haven was not pumping fuel. I don't know if this is temporary. We fueled at the Yacht Basin right just east of the Texaco.

In Staniel Cay we stayed at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. If you want to snorkel with Nurse sharks and Stingrays right off the pier this is the place. It's really amazing, and it's free. Internet is really bad if you have wifi but the club has a computer you can use. Be wary of shifting winds here as the marina is not protected from the west and south. There are no 24 hour toilets and no showers at all.

Turks and Caicos
In Turks and Caicos we stopped at South Side Marina. This place was excellent. You can clear customs here. The official will come to your boat. They have everything and are very accomodating with rides to town and even to the north side on fridays when the owner goes for his "guys night" at the Tiki Hut. It's a new marina with new facilities. If your draft is more than 5 feet then you will have to wait for the tide to enter the channel. They can be hailed on 18 and have a Cruiser Net every morning at 7:30am on 18.

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic is perhaps the most furstrating port. We stopped in Punta Cana at Cap Cana marina. Despite the announcements about ease of entry you still get boarded by 7-8 persons and pay $20 for agriculture, $83 for immigration. On departure they are coming earlier which is good but we still get all the guys coming on board and they are filling out the same forms as last time $20 to exit. Tell the officials at least a day in advance when you want to leave and give them an hour earlier than your intended departure. Cap Cana marina has lodged a formal complaint with these officials because they were coming so late and if you have Cap Cana arrange for them to show up, they do, which is nice.

Hope this information helps.
Christian Ambrosi