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Update from the South Atlantic island of St. Helena

By Sue Richards last modified Feb 03, 2010 05:17 PM

Published: 2010-02-03 17:17:47
Countries: St Helena

From Deborah and Rolf on SY Northern Light

Jan 2010

Upon arrival, between 0400-2000, call "Ferry Service" on channel 16, and the ferryman will show you where to anchor. Should you arrive at night, be aware that no local boats, neither on moorings nor at anchor, show any lights.

Anchor in 18-20m depth, approximate bearing 130 degrees to "The Steps," the northernmost of the three sets of landing steps. An approximate anchorage waypoint is S15deg 55min and W5deg 43min. Do NOT attempt to anchor in the area marked on the chart in 10m depth. That entire area is now covered with moorings, none of which are for use by visiting yachts. And beware, many local boats have both fore and aft ties to mooring buoys, and there are heavy floating ropes present in the harbor, parallel to the outer jetty, for use by the barges when they offload cargo from the supply ship.

The ferry man will start the check-in procedure by delivering the doctor to your yacht during normal working hours. Check-in charges are all nominally higher now.

Immigration: £12 sterling pp, for a stay of up to 4 days, which can then be extended for another few pounds per day.

If you have no proof of an insurance policy that covers the cost of medical evacuation (£40,000 incurred to re-direct a ship to pick a patient up) you must buy insurance for £1.30/pp/pd (plus £5 service charge, if the charges are under £20).

Harbor fees are £27 pounds.

Customs: no charge.

The ferry service costs £1.20/pp/per round-trip.

The bank does a cash advance on VISA/MC. Up to £120 out costs £6, thereafter a 5% service charge. Immigration can take cards (but prefers not to) and charges a 6% service charge. No shops we asked would take cards.

Robert Peters (tel:3346) does a taxi tour "as you want it" for £15/pp. Very genial fellow.

Suggest talking to locals to secure fresh fruits and vegetables. Very little makes it to the shops. Locally-grown produce and fresh fish is sold in the market, located in the building just opposite the bank. When you see something you want, buy it! Everything disappears fast and reappears whenever it does...