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Anchoring in Florida, USA

By Sue Richards last modified Oct 07, 2009 07:31 PM

Published: 2009-10-07 19:31:28
Countries: USA

For several years, certain local cities and counties in Florida have been restricting the length of time that boats are allowed to anchor. Legislative changes were made recently to Florida statute Chapter 327 which should increase the boater’s ability to anchor within Florida. Some changes took effect on July 1, 2009, and others on October 1, 2009.

Unfortunately, many local law enforcement personnel appear to be unaware of the changes. Boaters continue to be told by some officials that they are subject to anchoring limits.

See Boat US Anchoring Information Sheet for a summary of the anchoring portions of the law with citations.

Ed & Bonnie from SY Almost Heaven who notified noonsite of these changes say;

"Also and more importantly, the definition of a Liveaboard has been been redefined and states that if we move our boats (without restrictions) we are no longer classified as liveaboards by Florida Law.

This will favourably impact alot of us, both snow birds as well as long term cruisers,

Please look up the new laws on your own before any confrontation with the Florida Marine Authorities."