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PNG - Just Great!

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 19, 2009 04:33 PM

Published: 2009-09-19 16:33:39
Countries: Papua New Guinea

We finally had to leave the Solomon’s and travel back through PNG and again, a great trip. The wind was from the south so our little ship had all the sails up for 3 days and arrived at Budi Budi Island.

Budi Budi Island
What a great stop over. The utmost extremity of PNG to the south very isolated. We had been there before and the locals remembered us, they did not hesitate to call us by our first names with out being introduced again. The people here speak good English. They made us feel very welcome so we left the last of our trade stuff there and promised to come back with more clothes for the kids and some timber for calving fish hooks. Plastic bottles for water are a very sort after item; I will never look at a plastic bottle the same again.

We left Budi in a strong wind warning and faced 5 meter seas all the way to Woodlark. We travelled through Wood Lark to Garwa, realy a must-see prehistoric jurassic park stuff with a Christian influence. Again, the people are friendly and the trip is just amazing. Good anchorage in all weather, usual precautions taken everywhere in PNG.

From there we travelled to Trobians Lusisia. Here it is very westernised with houses and some villages put on trobians shows for the tourist or visitors. The lodge has the cheapest carvings anywhere in Millen Bay so if you see something buy now, as it won't be there tomorrow.

The weather came down at last so we then headed to Alotau.

I can't say enough about Allotau. It is just great. You must talk to Sara on the radio on 16. It was the only place in PNG that thay talk to you on 16. I imagine we are not talking pigin so they do not answer- that is my theory.

This town is very friendly and has a great infrastructure - loads of stores, meat, chicken, electrical equipment, people to fix stuff and a slip way for 40 ft ships. We again found that we were welcome and were remembered. Our visa had expired and again they gave us no grief they let us travel through the country on route to Aus. We brought lots of carvings here and walking sticks out of ebony to sell back into Aus. The most magnificent pieces are now on board after almost a year at sea.

The anchorage is ordinary but ok for its purpose, but the water is perfect

It is advisable to ring these people first. Here are some phone numbers - they like to know you are coming.

SAMURI 6421155
Samuri you can clear in there but it is a lucky dip as he is not there often. Allotau is only 25 miles and well worth the trip.

From there we went and basically followed the dimdims dolphins book. Fairly accurate and easily followed and recommended for anchorages.

Port Moresby
We then headed to Port Moresby, this town is all so very grown up with a population of 800,000 people. Banks. Also Millions of dollars in infrastructure, gas pipe lines, personal Ex Pax you name it, it can be done here. Right in the middle of all this is the Port Moresby Yacht Club run by Grant. This facility has got to seen to be believed, it must compare on a world scale service. Social, friendly, nothing is too much trouble and totally secure and safe.

Again protocols in PNG must be adhered to, I have been there now twice and am going back in November on route to the Solomons. Also again customs like to be told you are coming, just a phone call. The system works. We were allowed 14 days transit but you need a PNG visa to enter the country.

Regards, Dave Povis LADY EMILY

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