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Galapagos - Bad Customs Delays

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 22, 2009 01:38 PM

Published: 2009-07-22 13:38:58
Countries: Ecuador , Galapagos

Sent by SY Quixotic

Don't order parts in the Galapagos

Quixotic and its crew Ed & Nila arrived to Academy Bay, Santa Cruz Galapagos on May 27th 2009.

After repeated attempts to fix our refrigeration system we ordered a new compressor on June 17th and it was shipped Fed X that day. Today July 20, 2009 we are still waiting for it to arrive.

Our part arrived for inspection in customs in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on June 21st. A month later we are still waiting. The yacht agent and Fed X representative Yachtgala kept telling us it would arrive "later today or tomorrow". We wanted to believe them but after two weeks passed we called Fed X in Guayaquil directly and they said customs wanted to see our Visa statement to confirm what we paid for the part.

A week later we were informed that the people in customs didn't accept what we sent and suggested that we let the customs people set the value. A week later they came up with a price $50 more than we paid. We said "fine what's the tax going to be". Fed X led us to believe the tax bill would come in at around $400 - the amount customs came up with is $980 based on a $1280 value of our parts. Today when we asked the Fed X agent at Yachtgala when we will actually see our parts he said, "later today or tomorrow".

Yachtgala comment
We are not Fedex employees (we only help to recieve or pick up and deliver parcels). Normally parcels arriving via fedex or another courier take 3 or 4 working days of transport. But all parcels arriving in Ecuador go first to Ecuadorian customs.

Believe it or not Customs in Ecuador is really a disaster. They have been rejecting some documents from the importer or client and in Quixotic's case they have asked for alot of documents, such as proof of payment and commercial invoices.

The custom system (in Ecuador) is one of the worst.

Johnny Romero