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Netsel Marina Marmaris - Dissatisfied Customers

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 01, 2009 05:17 PM

Published: 2009-06-01 17:17:23
Countries: Turkey

Dear noonsite,

Having been in Netsel for the winter, we would not return there as the management changed all the agreements we had.

We paid up-front for a lift out, for example, and they decided that as the price had gone up since we paid that we had to pay the difference! They also pressure washed our boat without instructions to do so and threatened us with impounding the boat and legal action if we did not pay the 70 euros for the privilege. This was the ONLY instance that we know of where Netsel performed a service without prior payment and written instructions.

As foreigners there, we felt very intimidated by the management. The fact that we paid was not due to our acceptance that they were right but purely because we were threatened by them into doing so. Netsel stated that it would take them 2 hrs to get an order for the boat to be held by the coastguard when we were leaving.

We are still very dissatisfied customers (as are many of the people who wintered there last winter) and we feel that other yachts should be warned.

Best regards
Rob Smith

Vedat Midilli of Netsel Marina replied to noonsite stating that the marina had acted on instructions at all times and that “our records show that since (Mr Smith) paid in full & in advance, he was charged the price of a special discounted campaign which totalled 220 Euros which he paid on 08/09/2008 for the lift and launch of his boat which occurred on 14/03/2009”.