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Singapore to Australia and on to the Marquesas

By Sue Richards last modified May 27, 2009 04:10 PM

Published: 2009-05-27 16:10:48
Topics: Pacific Ocean West
Countries: Australia , French Polynesia , Singapore

Dear Jimmy,

We bought our boat (steel boat, 43 ft, 15 tons, cutter rigged, strong engine) in Langkawi and started our sailing trip from there a few weeks ago. Actually we are in Singapore for some technical improvement and now we are looking for the best sailing options.

We are beginners, but we are experienced in sailing itself. Our plan is, to sail from Singapore to the Pacific islands. But we read your books and now we are not sure how to chose the route.

Could you please give us an idea how we can get from Singapore to Sydney. From there the route to Marquesas Islands are almost clear. We appreciate any hint or advice.

Thanks in advance and best regards from SY.Carlotta
Monika & Daniel Egger-Büssing MD


You seem to have chosen about the most illogical route that I can think of to sail from Singapore to the Marquesas.

If you only want to get as far as Sydney, there are some suggestions that I have made to others on

Basically you need to sail east, possibly via the Philippines, then continue east to cross the equator far enough to the east so as to have a better sailing angle across the SE tradewinds to Sydney.

As to Sydney to Marquesas.... you would have to go south to 38 or even 40S to pick up the westerlies and sail possibly as far as Easter Island before you can turn to the north... To be honest, I would not do it!

Good luck.

Jimmy Cornell