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More changes to Fiji Rules

By Sue Richards last modified May 22, 2009 03:55 PM

Published: 2009-05-22 15:55:30
Countries: Fiji

By Michael Homsany
Posted on the SSCA Board - Tue May 19, 2009

These changes were published today on the Fiji Government Website, and can be viewed either here, or on the FIRCA (Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority) site here.

To summarise the changes, the Advance Notice of Arrival Form, c.2.c, has been modified somewhat, and can be downloaded here. As before, it must be filed no later than 48 hours prior to a yacht's arrival. The instructions are now specific in that no boxes may be left blank, if something isn't applicable, enter "n/a". The email address on the form doesn't seem to be working, so you are still stuck with faxing it in. If you are coming to Savusavu, you can email the form to us direct, [email protected], and we'll run it across the street to customs for you.

Other changes are that the Arrival Card, as well as two copies of the Inward Report, previously given to the yacht by the Custom's Boarding Party, is now supposed to be completed before the Party arrives.

Lastly, if you want to cruise the islands, in addition to the Cruising Permit, they are saying that you must have a permit from the Coconut Industry Development Authority that you are not carrying Rhinoceros Beetle. After contacting the CIDA, they know of no such permit.

Michael Homsany