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Caicos Marina & Boatyard – Concerns over Security

By Sue Richards last modified May 07, 2009 11:26 AM

Published: 2009-05-07 11:26:59
Countries: Turks & Caicos

Noonsite has received 2 reports from cruisers complaining about the security at this yard. See the bottom of the report for a comment from the marina itself.

“We left our boat at the Caicos Marina and Boatyard for 10 months and really wish we would not have done so. Someone broke into the boat and used the electric winch to move something and it caught on fire destroying the winch and burning some of the interior. They also turned on the water pump and it was burned out. The broken door handle was still laying on the floor when we got there.

The yard manager says he checks on the boats occasionally and said there is security, but while we were staying on the boat we didn't see anyone for a week.

Overall the worst experience we've had at a boatyard and will never go back”.

Tom Verry

“We kept our boat in the TCI last hurricane season and we had things "removed" while she was on the dry dock, and someone actually lived on our boat for a while with no water or electricity! You can imagine the condition of our heads!

We stayed there for the month of November with the boat in the water getting things back in shape and had a chance to see first hand the quality of the security. There wasn't any! The gates were locked and a "security guard" lives on the property, but he does not do any patrolling and anyone can get in the marina with a little effort, anytime.

The lesson we have learned is that the only way to protect our boat is to be there when the hurricane comes. This year wherever we end up we will also hire someone to watch/board our boat daily while we are away”.

John & Shelly Holland
SV Escondida

The Marina Comments:
Caicos Marina & Shipyard enjoys a reputation in the Caribbean for being a friendly and caring Marina to visit. Both the management and myself are very concerned about the allegations made about our Marina. Let me reassure you that our Shipyard is completely fenced off and patrolled by security guards. Not only do we have a live in employee whose responsibility it is to lock all the gates at 6 PM, we also employ two security guards that patrol the Shipyard in two shifts from 6 pm until 7 am when we re-open for business.

Bert Oudman
Caicos Marina & Shipyard