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Jet Skis in Tobago

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 24, 2009 12:30 PM

Published: 2009-04-24 12:30:58
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago

With all the adverse press we see about the nuisance of jeyt skis, I can confirm that our boat, El Lobo, was hit by one whilst we were at anchor in Store Bay, Tobago.

We were not on board at the time and were informed by an Australian couple who witnessed the incident. The person driving the machine had already caused his girlfriend to be thrown off the machine and she had demanded to be put ashore. He then returned to sea and continued to weave about between the anchored boats at speed when he went out of control and hit ours.

It made a hole about 400 mm by 200 mm just above the waterline. Our boat is ferro-cement and therefore much harder than most. Our Australian friends were quite sure that if he had hit their fibreglass boat with such an impact, they would have sunk without doubt.

I confronted the owner of the jet skis and was looking for his insurance. He was abusive and said that it was the responsibility of the driver. He, the owner, had no insurance and needed no licence to run his operation. The driver of the machine had never used one before and had no instruction before setting off.

The response from the police was negative at first until I made contact with the senior lifeguard. He made a few calls and eventually a police photographer came out to take a picture of the damage.

They are now installing new moorings in Store Bay, which we are informed will be free for the rest of this season but will be charging for next season. All the moorings are stretched right accross the beach where the jet skis are launched.

I have written to the Local Tourist Board and the local paper but so far I have had no response from anyone.


Mike Perrin