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Warning: Captured Yacht in use by Somalian Pirates

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 08, 2008 01:53 PM

Published: 2008-09-08 13:53:31
Topics: Piracy Reports 2008
Countries: Somalia , Yemen


The Amel Super Maramu Carre D'as IV, captured by Somalian Pirates a week ago (see recent news item on noonsite), may be under use as a decoy vessel attacking other ships, warns Andrew Mwangura of the Seafarers Assistance Programme (SAP) in Kenya.

It appears that after the owners of Carre D’as IV were taken ashore, the yacht was taken to sea again by the heavily armed gunmen. While an attempt to sell the yacht at ports in the Gulf states can also not be ruled out, it is presumed that it is at present being used to hunt for other ships.

The SAP warns that the vessel likely is, or will be used to signal ships at sea as being under distress (simulating an engine failure or other emergency at sea), while hiding a small attack speedboat from view of any ships responding to the rescue.

Mwangura says that a small attack vessel of the type that can hide behind the Carre D'as IV "usually carries 5-7 heavily armed attackers (equipped with bazookas, assault guns like AK47, G3, FAL, M16 plus RPG - rocket propelled grenade launchers, as well as hand-grenades and/or mines). Such attack-boats do deliver a swift and heavy assault."

The Carre D’as IV (pictured here) is a 16 meter (53") ketch (two masts) with a doghouse-style dodger (fiberglass-enclosed cockpit). If you see this yacht, prepare for an attack and notify authorities immediately. For advice on what to do if you see this yacht, or indeed suspect you are being approached by pirates, please read article here.

All vessels are advised to stay well off of the Somalia coast (200nm at least, wherever possible), travel in convoys, and to keep a specific eye out for the Carre D'as IV. The most dangerous area is reported to be 12/14 degrees North and 046/053 degrees East.

Coordinates from SAP of a suggested corridor through the Gulf of Aden are:
Waypoint: 12 15N 045E
Waypoint: 12 35N 045E
Waypoint: 13 35N 049E
Waypoint: 13 40N 049E
Waypoint: 14 10N 050E
Waypoint: 14 15N 050E
Waypoint: 14 35N 053E
Waypoint: 14 45N 053E

Find out more about being part of a convoy here on noonsite,
or contact Richard Donaldson-Alves, Net Controller. Maritime Mobile Net, SE Asia, 14,323Mhz @ 0025hrs.Zulu daily and WX @ 0055hrs.Zulu daily.