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Australia, Darwin to Thailand

By Sue Richards last modified Aug 21, 2008 03:55 PM

Published: 2008-08-21 15:55:22
Topics: Pacific Ocean West
Countries: Thailand , Australia

Hi ,I am planning Darwin to Thailand this year, departing Darwin early November and arriving Thailand Christmas 2008. As I am somewhat time restricted could you suggest an itinerary for this trip??


You have left your departure a bit late as early November is the start of the cyclone season in that part of the world. However, early November cyclones are quite rare, so just make sure you have a good long term weather forecast.

There is really only one route: the direct route via Bali. It has the advantage of a stop in Bali for refuelling, etc. I would not recommend crossing the Indonesian archipelago without having cleared into Indonesia, so contact Bali Marina, say that you plan a brief stop and they will arrange for you to stop there without the need of a cruising permit.

From Bali head direct for Singapore (west of Borneo). From there it should be an easy ride up the Malaysian coast. All these routes are well described in my World Cruising Routes. The latest edition is now available.

I hope this helps.


Jimmy Cornell

Thanks for your response Jimmy. Bali marina advises we can clear in/out in Benoa - their charge $500! Plus visas for 4-5 days. Is that the normal rate?

That's a bit much, but it's the convenience really. Otherwise you need to get an Indonesian cruising permit, visas, etc. So in this way they do it all for you...this is what I did myself on my last visit.


Thanks for the response Jimmy, any suggestions for a couple of stops arfter Benoa en route to Malaysia? As we will be leaving Bali around end Nov we won't have a great deal of time.


If you plan to make more than one stop in Indonesia, you will need a cruising permit. What Bali marina can arrange is a limited stop without the compulsory cruising permit. I cannot think of any place to stop en route, but I am sure the guys at Bali marina would be able to give you some tips.


Jimmy Cornell