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Doing Work On Your Boat In Cartagena

By doina — last modified Nov 01, 2007 03:31 PM

Published: 2007-11-01 15:31:38
Countries: Colombia

We just spent last summer in Cartagena refitting the entire interior of our boat. Cartagena is a good place to do the work, labor rate is low, although that full supervision is necessary to achieve a good standard of quality. Get Romero as a custom agent, he gets your clearance paper work done presto, and can provide an extension and absolutely no hassle. He is the man in Cartagena. There is no safety problem in Cartagena, the coast guard are keeping vigil 24 hours in the anchorage, super safe !!

You can get Alvaro for woodworking at the Club Nautico, just ask for him, but if you need anything and can't find it. You can contact Andres a tourist guide, part time taxi, speaks perfect english and knows where everything is. He is definitely the man, if you are going to stay in Cartagena and do major work on the boat. His phone is 300 362 7790 email [email protected]

We did not go to any yards, we did the interior work at anchor. All the yards are quite expensive, no savings there. You can't paint your boat at anchor, the navy will kick you out to the yard. The anchorage is good in front of Club Nautico, beware of southerly squalls, these are nasty, we had a 50 knoter there. Anchor well, lots of scope, not in the shallow where everyone drags, but in 30 feet deep. Enjoy !!

Virginia on Lara, October 29, 2007