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Sailing Through Paradise: Book Review

By doina — last modified Sep 05, 2007 10:28 AM

Published: 2007-09-05 10:28:49
Topics: Books,Charts and DVDs
Countries: Maldives

Sailing Through Paradise: Cruising Guide to the Maldives

by John Hoedemakers and Jolanda Geerdink

Published by SailAdventures, Netherlands [email protected]

Online cruising guide available at for 10 Euros.

First edition 2007.

Downloadable in a zipped .pdf file (0,9Mb). 50 pages, colour photographs and maps.

This Cruising Guide fills a gap as previously no detailed guide to the Maldives existed and its authors have done a exhaustive job of collating information on the atolls of this Indian Ocean cruising ground following their own cruise there in 2006 on their yacht JoHo. As they write in their Preface, the reason for their writing the guide “is simply the fact that we encountered such a rich and beautiful cruising ground that we felt the little we read about cruising here didn’t do, for in most of it the Maldives weren’t exactly well rated.”

Sailing the Maldives is not straightforward with strong currents through the reef passes, extreme depths in and outside lagoons, and constant vigilence needed to avoid reefs and isolated coral heads. Charts are not always accurate nor are navigational aids always reliable. Therefore this guide is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a cruise through the archipelago as it gives detailed guidance on approaches to anchorages with accompanying colour maps. Information on local facilities is also provided as well as details of the various resort islands, the majority of which are welcoming to yachts, preferably if they are given advance notice of your arrival. Many have dive centres a useful resource when exploring the rich underwater scenery.

The main part of the guide deals with all the atolls in detail but there is also an introductory section on the Maldives including its culture, a potted geological history and information on diving and fishing. Important Cruising Information is included such as rules and regulations and routing and weather information. There is an appendix of useful contacts as well as weather and radio schedules.

Previously most yachts have just used the Maldives as a quick stopover en route across the Indian Ocean, only visiting one of the main atolls. Anyone perusing this guide will surely be tempted to stay a little longer and explore this beautiful archipelago; “Sailing Through Paradise” will provide the information to make it possible.