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Yacht Abandoned Off Eritrean Coast As Skipper Goes Missing

By doina — last modified Mar 06, 2007 11:31 AM

Published: 2007-03-06 11:31:10
Countries: Oman , Saudi Arabia , Somalia , Yemen , Djibouti , Egypt , Eritrea

Gellert Tripolszky, the captain of German yacht Anna Lisa, apparently went overboard on Sunday, January 28th, off the coast of Eritrea SE of Massawa. The German Embassy authorized a search for him and informed his family.

Since this news was reported at the beginning of February, the yacht has been located.

An American Cargo Ship, the Santa Cruz, picked up the 2 young inexperienced crew who had been travelling with him for only 3 or 4 days. The crew discovered him missing after checking on him at the wheel an hour before. The 72 foot Anna Lisa, designed after Joshua Slocum's yacht "Spray", was left abandoned at sea. It is hoped that more information will soon come to light from these two young crew, who have since returned to Germany, as well as from the cargo ship company in New York.

Noonsite has been contacted by friends of Mr Tripolszky (whose nick-names are "Max" and "Paul") in an effort to find out some more information:

We are receiving very minimal information, and our family here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are highly distressed and are seeking help. Thus, we plead to you, fellow seamen and women. Is there any information you can provide with regard to obtaining search and rescue help to recover the whereabouts of our beloved friend Tripolszky and his boat, the Anna Lisa? Are there any service organizations in the area? Are there any media sources we can contact who can get a story reported in local papers or aired on local TV so that anyone with information can report it? The American cargo ship, called the Santa Cruz, seems to have been owned by a New York company and we will follow up on that lead from here. We are hoping to find evidence of his life. He has been sailing for the past 40 years or more, is meticulous with his boat, and very alert, fit and we just can't understand what could have happened. Please help us, please. We are quite distressed about this. He is very much family for us. Please... any news would be helpful... any way you can speak with each other there and get back to me? Thank you for your kindness. Boaters are all related to each other on the sea. My father was a fisherman.

Thank you, thank you! BettyAnn Monash Philadelphia, PA. USA)

Contact [email protected] and any messages will be forwarded.