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Caribbean Dress Code

By doina — last modified Nov 23, 2006 01:06 PM

Published: 2006-11-23 13:06:56
Topics: Cruising Information

This is something I have wanted to mention for a long time. I know that Chris Doyle mentions it in most of his Caribbean cruising guides. THE DRESS CODE.

I do not want to be old fashioned, and I know we live in different times where all is more accepted. But it often disturbs me to see how underdressed some visitors walk about in the Caribbean and elsewhere. The local people of most of the islands are religious and well mannered. Is it also not for them that we visit the various islands to meet them?

The dress code which Noonsite mentions for Anguilla should actually count for all of the Caribbean. It shows no respect to walk about underdressed and sweaty, hair not combed, beard not shaved!!!etc.etc. Often yachties complain of unpleasant behaviour of a clerk or someone in an office or service in an restaurant etc. But they do not understand that most of the time it is because the person is not "seen" properly because of a wrong dress code attitude.

Is it possible to bring this to the attention of all the visitors to noonsite?

Mieke Koenraadt