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Venezuela - Gunpoint Robbery

By doina — last modified Jan 21, 2009 07:55 PM

Published: 2009-01-21 19:55:25
Countries: Venezuela

On the night of November 11th a couple on the Icelandic yacht Lady Ann were attacked by three gunmen who came aboard the boat and held them hostage for three hours while they ransacked the boat and stole everything of value.

Kari jon Halldorsson and his wife Aslaug were anchored for the night just outside the small village of Robledal (11°01,5N 64°22.7 W) on Isla Margarita, Venezuela, a spot where no security problems had been previously reported.

Around midnight three men each armed with a gun approached in a small boat and boarded the yacht. Threatened with the guns, Kari and Aslaug were tied up in the cockpit while the men proceeded to strip the boat of anything of value. The ordeal lasted some three hours before the men left.

The sailors proceeded to Porlamar where they reported the attack to the local authorities.

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