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Avoid Anambas Islands

By doina — last modified Sep 29, 2016 10:02 AM

Published: 2006-10-04 11:25:00
Countries: Indonesia

According to a recent report, a British-flagged yacht was boarded, harassed and had a camera stolen by an official patrol boat and uniformed men in the Anambas Islands. The yacht in question had all the necessary documents in order including their cruising permit. After leaving Nongsa Point Marina they anchored off a small village on Djemadja Island on July 21 2006 (02°45.7’N 106°140.5’E). Local fishermen were friendly and greeted them. A small motor boat with a uniformed man on board, armed with a machine gun, requested to see the yacht’s papers and remained on board for about half an hour. The yacht moved to another anchorage about two miles away and en route was approached by a second small motor boat with three civilians on board, one armed; they requested the yacht stop and shot into the air when the captain explained they had already been checked. They boarded the yacht, asked for payment of 100,000 rupees and remained for some 45 minutes before leaving.

On arrival at the anchorage a third boat came, again with two civilians on board and a man with battledress and a gun who asked to see the yacht’s permit before leaving. After this another, larger boat appeared, apparently a marine or navy vessel with five uniformed men on board who said they were navy commandos. The yacht’s papers were looked at again and the men inspected the yacht thoroughly while their officer remained in the cockpit. The men remained for two hours on the boat with the crew feeling intimidated as they sat with their guns at the ready. After they left the yacht’s crew realised their camera had been stolen.

Similar incidents have been reported previously in this area.