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Pets And Air Travel In The Caribbean

By doina — last modified Aug 05, 2006 11:39 AM

Published: 2006-08-05 11:39:19
Countries: Trinidad & Tobago , USA

We are contemplating a trip to the Caribbean this year. We will be traveling with a small Yorkshire terrier and would like to leave the boat for a while in Trinidad and fly home. I would like to hear from anyone that has firsthand knowledge about flying out of Trinidad to the States with a small dog. Also any other information aout pets in the Caribbean would be appreciated as there appears to be a lot in conflicting information out there. Many thanks Bob S/V Barefootin'

Luc Callebaut, Regional Editor for Noonsite writes:

"Travelling with pets give you some restrictions and some extra expenses but when forewarned those can be kept to a minimum.

"We have travelled with a Schipperke (now 2) for 12 years now and do not regret it at all! From Florida to Panama (via East Caribbean) we had no trouble at all. The most difficult islands are the ex-British ones where animals are not supposed to land ashore at all. Nowhere in the Caribbean did we have any quarantine or special fees. When we were in Trinidad, if taking a pet with you back home, you had to pay for a Quarantine officer to accompany you and your animal from your boat to the airport (to make sure the animal does not touch their soil). To come back, make sure all the necessary paperwork is done and approved in advance. We elected to leave our boat in St Maarten instead and had no troubles flying in and out from there to Europe and the US with our dog. Another alternative is to leave the dog with friends on another boat in Trinidad until you come back.

"We are now in The South Pacific since '99 and the only 2 countries that are giving any trouble to cruisers with pets are NZ and Australia. We elected to spend cyclone seasons in French Polynesia, US Samoa, Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia instead and have enjoyed that decision a lot (best cruising seasons are generally cyclone season). We flew to NZ & Easter Island and will to OZ soon, without our dogs, for short but enjoyable touring trips."

Luc, Jackie, Zoetje & Zenne on s/v Sloepmouche