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Phuket Information On Haulout And Boat Repairs

By doina — last modified Apr 28, 2006 08:46 AM

Published: 2006-04-28 08:46:37
Countries: Thailand

Below is information for owners and captains wishing to haul out or carry out work in the 4 main marinas and/or slipways in Phuket Thailand. Charges do differ from facility to facility but overall there is little difference.

Yacht Haven Marina

The Yacht Haven marina covers in berth repairs it does not have a hardstand or haulout facility. There are a number of services there including carpentry,fibreglassing work and electrical available with workshops handy at the end of the jettys. Most of this work can be carried out in the wet berths. Commission is charged for labour carried out by companies located in the marina at 5% Commission on labour for work carried out by outside contractors at 10%. There is no charge for materials.

Boat Lagoon

The Boat Lagoon has wet berths and hardstand facilities along with two travel lifts. Commission is charged on labour carried out by companies located in the marina at 7%. All repairs aspects are covered. Commission on labour carried out by outside companies at 15%.

Royal Phuket Marina

Royal Phuket Marina has both hardstand facilites and wet berths with a travel lift for lifts as well as acess to bring in a crane for wider vessls. They have a group of registered repair companies and are presently charging 15% on labour and materials although it varies from job to job depending on negotiations and arrangements made. If the marina has arranged the contractor the bill comes from the marina office inclusive of added comissions. If the contractor deals directly with the yacht the bill comes from the contractor inclusive of the marina's surcharges. Active efforts are underway by marina management to get the materials comission surcharge dropped. There are no actual onsite marine businesses so all work is by outside contractors.

Ratanachai Slipway

Ratanachai Slipway have in house contractors for all jobs required. A basic Thai labourer is charged out at 800 Baht a day. Their skills are fine for such jobs as hull scrub down and antifouling. Outside workers are charged a commission of 200 Baht per day per worker. There is no comission for and materials used. Ratanachai is a slipway with no wet berths although there are some rather rough alongside berths in the river - not recommended for long term use. They are often shared with local fishing boats.

Note : Thai companies that are VAT registered are required by law to provide a invoice with VAT. Smaller companies under a certian threshold are not required to be VAT registered therfore do not provide a VAT invoice. So don't be surprised to see a extra 7% VAT on your bill. It is suggested that the question be asked "does your quote include VAT?"