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Leaving a Yacht at Musket Cove, Malololailai

By doina — last modified Sep 16, 2005 10:21 AM

Published: 2005-09-16 10:21:31
Countries: Fiji

I left my yacht for one month July/August 2005 at Musket Cove Marina having reserved a place several months earlier. During the time of year I chose to leave the boat, a reservation was not strictly necessary as there was ample free space.

The marina proper is in a channel blasted and dredged through the island's fringing reef which is used by the ferries that transfer people from the mainland to Musket Cove Resort with yachts moored Med style off to one side. The mooring procedure for storage was to set two bow anchors in the channel with the stern tied off to the floating pontoon. This area is normally occupied by transient yachts. Musket Cove does have a circular inner harbour area entered through a narrow channel that has a draw bridge over it where five other yachts were being moored long term. This is the "hurricane refuge" and available for yachts that are going to be exposed to the cyclone season. I did not require this. There are a number of long term residents of the marina that will keep an eye on your boat along with the competent staff. The bottom line is that when I returned, the yacht was as I left it.

The only negative is the requirement to travel to and from Malololailai to the mainland and back at F$22.50 each way. The cost of mooring was F$480 per month. Contact Aline or Ima at [email protected] or call 679 666 2215 (ask for Yacht Club).

Jim Patek, s/v Let's Go!, Denerau Marina, Fiji

Hi there, I have just read the story from the cruisers who left their yacht in Vuda Point marina during the hurricane season and were robbed 3 times. We heard similar stories from people who left their boats there, and even from those who were working on their boats there, in 2002. I would like to share our experience of leaving our yacht in Musket Cove in their small inner basin. We left it there in 2001 for about 6 months. It was the cheapest option for us, and we know the staff at Musket Cove to be very friendly so it felt safe for us. It was a good option, though I don't know how safe it would be in a hurricane. We have never had locks for our boat, so it was open (with hatches shut of course) the whole time. No thefts. Although it is an older looking boat, so less tempting maybe?!! We will leave it there again this year when we visit home. The only negative was that they had to move our boat at some point and instead of untying our mooring lines and retying them, they chopped them in half and didn't do such good knots when tying our boat up again! But we were still happy, our home was still in one piece!

Sylvia White