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Another yacht assault in Venezuela

By doina — last modified Mar 23, 2007 03:30 PM

Published: 2007-03-23 15:30:36

The catamaran "Madam", a Bahia 46, with owners Bruno and his wife Catherine on board, was anchored in Carenero, Venezuela, a hundred yards or so from the Carenero Yacht Club.

On May 13 2005, at 2am, we were boarded by two young local guys, there was probably a third one waiting in a small boat. They stole binoculars, shoes and some portable electronics. Bruno woke-up and fought with them, taking from them a bat and a hammer they were using as weapons. One of the two thieves wanted to kill him ("lo mato!") with a knife but the other said to leave. They jumped in the water and left, taking the gear and leaving their knife in the cockpit.

We then heard a shot and impact of a projectile in the water close to the boat. We called for help on CH16: after some time, some local "vigilancia" relayed the call in better spanish but no authority responded or showed up. Only the private guards of the nearby hotel called us and told us we could come anchor a hundred yards closer to them. We later learned that the Guardia Nacional sent a patrol on shore, but had no boat to come close to us.

Despite numerous "mayday" calls between 2:10am and 6:00am no authority responded on CH16.

Around 7am in the morning, Bruno went to see the Guardia Nacional ashore: they finally made it to the boat at 10:15am, took our deposition and the evidences of armed robbery left by the thieves: a big knife and a 3ft bat. Later came an officer from the "Capitania de Puerto Carenero" who wrote a report of the incident. To this hour, both have been very reluctant to give us any copy, even that of our own deposition.

We invite you to broadcast this information as widely as possible in the hope to get more efficient reactions from the Venezuelian authorities.

Bruno and Catherine Millet